The stylish, small bedroom with luxury details

An IKEA MALM high white bed frame, with white and grey bedding in a small bedroom with wood accents.

A big bed frame in a small bedroom – here's how to create a relaxing, yet fashionable, feel with lots of practical storage solutions.

A pendant lamp that's hanging low to become a bedside lamp is a trendy way to get a warm and welcoming atmosphere. And here's a big plus: it doesn't take up any space on your bedside table!

Store in style! RÖMSKOG bed storage boxes fit perfectly under your MALM bed frame, and the braided rattan adds a touch of nature to your bedroom. The lid assures that whatever you store in there is dust-free and ready to use when you want to.

Neat wall storage, anyone? SKUGGIS hooks are made from bamboo and give a warm and soft feeling in the bedroom. Use a basket to store your accessories right next to your ‘outfit of the day’ to complete the look in no time.

Using MALM chest of drawers as a storage solution in your bedroom makes room to create a beautiful display area where you can put flowers, books, and jewellery in trendy glass domes. Hang posters in matching colours on the wall above for a calm and relaxing feel.

Transform a small bedroom corner into a clothes corner where you can sit and sift through your fashion magazines for inspiration and check out your outfit (or outfits, sometimes it's hard to choose!) in the mirror. P.S. We suggest a corner right next to your wardrobe for quick outfit changes!

Get ready for the smoothest beginnings, and endings, to your days. Adapt the light, or create privacy, with KADRILJ wireless roller blinds by using the included remote or the IKEA TRÅDFRI app. You're welcome!