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MARKERAD Limited Collection

You’ve just moved into your new place. And now it’s time to find the things that’ll make it really feel like yours.

Make your mark with MARKERAD, a limited edition collection designed in collaboration with world-renowned creative Virgil Abloh. Together we’ve updated a range of everyday objects – from clocks to chairs – with the kind of striking style that can help any home stand out.

A brown IKEA bag, with the word “SCULPTURE” written on it, sits between two white sculptures.
A brown IKEA bag, with the word “SCULPTURE” written on it, sits between two white sculptures.
Virgil Abloh stands in front of a crowd, explaining one of his designs to them.
The ethos of the collection is to add an artful quality to anonymous objects.

- Virgil Abloh, designer

Two young people carrying the MARKERAD table above their heads.
A MARKERAD rug shaped like a giant IKEA receipt being held up to the camera.
A grey quilt cover and pillowcase set with an embroidered orange tag suspended in midair to cover the face of a model.

Made to make a statement

MARKERAD takes classic minimalist designs and builds on them with the artistic references and subversive elements typical of Virgil’s work, with his iconic quotation marks found throughout. They add a sense of irony into the products we’ve produced – perfect for people trying to build a home with a little high-fashion edge, or looking to freshen up the one they already have.

The full MARKERAD collection displayed in a warehouse setting.
A white clock with the word “TEMPORARY” written on its face in front of a sitting model.
A model holding a brown IKEA bag with the word “SCULPTURE” written on it up to the sky.
A young man in colourful clothes holding up an orange IKEA toolkit with the word “HOMEWORK” written on its front.
A model holding up a wooden chair to the camera, displaying the doorstop attached to one of its front legs.
It’s about elevating the anonymous, everyday icons that we use without noticing. When we put a doorstop on one of the legs of an ordinary chair we create something unexpected – an interruption.

- Virgil Abloh

A red hammer sits inside a glass cabinet with wooden frame, its shadow reflected on the floor in front of it.
A model holds a picture of the Mona Lisa in front of their face.
Two models hold a mirror with a long crack from the bottom to its top left corner, one of their faces refracted in it.
A woman reclines comfortably on a wooden daybed with grey mattress.
Virgil takes modern design into a contemporary context. By interpreting history and tradition in his own unique way, he creates design which very much appeals to our time.

- Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA