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Ideas for enjoying a warm and cosy living room in winter

The living room is where we spend the most time in the house and even more so now that, due to the circumstances, we need to stay home as much as possible. So, when the cold lurks, there's nothing better than creating a warm and cosy living room to enjoy throughout winter. Here are some ideas!

Talking, reading, watching a film, playing, eating, resting… As we said, the living room is the area of the house where most family activities take place, especially during the colder months. And if this is normally the case, it's even more so this year with the pandemic. So, we want to offer several ideas to make your living room as comfy and warm as possible for you and your family. A place you always want to be, where you can relax and disconnect from everything. Let's get started...

A warm dining room to enjoy as a family


Some of the best moments in life happen around the dining table, don't they? Lunch and dinner with the people you love most... you wish they'd never end. To enjoy them as much as possible in winter, our advice is to adapt the dining room and turn it into one of the cosiest areas of the house. Although after-dinner conversation can continue on the sofa, the fact is that everyone will be more comfortable at the table, and you can play or talk without getting distracted by the TV all evening.

The key to achieving this? Textiles, without a doubt. Placing throws and cushions on the chairs, benches or armchairs around the table will change the room completely and make it much more comfortable. As you see in the photo, we've opted for very soft earth tones, which contrast with the much darker furniture and bring visual warmth to the space. Decorative details, such as the bowl full of pine cones, also help to achieve that cosy effect we're looking for.

An area to play and imagine


The kids are the ones who enjoy the house the most. So, when creating a cosy living room, you can't forget about them! What activities do your children usually do in this area of the house? If, even after all your insisting, they always end up on the floor (and you with them) playing, reading, drawing or watching films, you're absolutely going to need a good rug during the winter. You'll be at ease knowing that they are warm and comfortable as they unleash their imagination. As you can see in the photo, following the theme of textiles, we've chosen an earthy tone, which helps to create that sense of warmth that we talked about.

If you want to further encourage your children's creativity away from the screen, a good idea may be to keep a corner of the living room free to store their books and art supplies. And if they need even more materials, our MÅLA collection has you covered. To make it tidier, you can opt for the piece you see in the image, which has a paper roll holder – so they can use the paper they need as they draw – and a section to place pencils and markers. What do you think?

A reading nook with natural light


We also can't forget about the adults when preparing the living room for winter. Why don't you reserve a well-lit area near the window for a comfortable chair or armchair? You can sit down there to read, enjoy a cup of coffee quietly or simply rest. In the winter, any ray of sunshine is welcome, so having this little nook for yourself near the window is sure to recharge you. And for when night falls, you can place a table lamp on the window ledge or a floor lamp with warm light that illuminates this small corner.

As you can see, we stayed with the earthy tones, choosing AGEN, a handwoven chair made from rattan, a natural material that creates a unique design. Of course, to achieve the greatest comfort possible, you can't beat a good throw and a cushion.

A space suitable for the whole family


What do you think of the end result? As you can see, we've thought of every member of the family with these ideas, to create a warm and comfortable room for this time of year where everyone can carry out the activities they like most in the company of others. Of course, you can adapt some of these options to you and your family's needs, to make the winter days at home perfect.

In case you need more ideas for your living room, here's a video with ideas for decorating a living room with children and a selection of articles on the subject that may interest you. Take note!

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