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Ideas for decorating your pad

Having your own space has so many advantages that we could spend hours listing them… But we'd rather give you a selection of ideas on how to decorate your pad to the max.

Ideas for decorating your pad
Ideas for decorating your pad

Dear freedom lover,

There are those who think that being alone at home is boring, sad and only done when you have no other option. However, having your own space has so many advantages. And the first is that you can decorate, furnish and organise your house however you'd like. That's why if you've come looking for ideas for decorating your pad, congratulations! Let's go round a typical pad, and see how many ideas you can get to make your pad a real personal refuge. Find your inspiration…

A pad with kitchenette

If you have the right space, you can join a living room and kitchen to create one space. Open spaces make homes larger and more dynamic; perfect for hosting guests.

In this wonderful flat, cooking, eating and living all take place in a single space, colours and materials were used to tie the areas together. The wood, the imitation leather of the LANDSKRONA sofa and the glass connect the space and create a modern and stylish environment, which is also warm and welcoming. Decorate your pad just as you want it!

In the kitchen, the mixture of open and closed storage adds both order and personality. This type of storage also allows you to decide what you want to keep at hand, making it incredibly easy to cook or get out some nibbles for friends who turn up out of the blue. Always be prepared!

Single bed? No way!

Beds may just be for sleeping, but it's better to get a double bed — you'll sleep like a log. And we can't forget tips on bed linen for your pad.

In this flat, we wanted to make a bed so cosy and soft that once you get in it you'll never want to leave. To do this, we used soft textile layers made from natural materials (at IKEA, we went for 100% cotton) to give this bedroom the air of a luxury hotel.

Is there anything more important than your own comfort and rest?

A wardrobe organised to the final detail

We know that when we have our own space, we can be more than tempted to be messy and find ourselves in the middle of a disaster. Why not do something before that happens!
Use baskets and boxes to improve and take advantage of the space in your wardrobe. Focus on grouping similar items together and organising your wardrobe. When you can quickly see all of your options, you save time and energy.

Also, if you have a PAX wardrobe you can customise it with KOMPLEMENT dividers or glass shelves and integrated lighting.

Make smart use of your wardrobe. Keep this season's clothes within an arm's reach. Wash, pack and store your clothes for different seasons elsewhere. Create space and prolong the life of your clothes!

A clothes rack for week's clothes

In your own pad, your space is your own. So don't be afraid to add storage solutions and extra organisation wherever you like.

One way to make your day-to-day even easier is to put your clothes for the week on a clothes rack. You only need to spend a moment deciding on your wardrobe for the week or the next day.

It's also a wonderful way to clear that chair of all your clothes that are worn but not dirty...

Ideas for decorating your own pad: Be yourself!

Did you think that the pad we looked at was much bigger? No way! This flat is rather small, but certainly well-equipped, quiet and cosy. It's a modern space with fantastic open storage solutions. It's versatile and full of life. Just like you! So you know, make your flat the perfect home for the most important tenant — you!


Did you find these tips for decorating your pad interesting? If so, don't miss us putting them into practice in the next video on our YouTube series ‘Pregúntale a Allen' (Ask Allen).