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Ideas for decorating a large terrace or garden

Terraces and gardens pave the way for you to welcome in the good weather. Want some ideas on how to set yours up? Make sure that you read this next article on ideas for decorating the terrace and garden.

Ideas for decorating a terrace or garden
Ideas for decorating a terrace or garden

Make the most out of your wardrobes and shelves

After the cold winter, it's time to dust off your outdoor accessories and dress up your terrace or garden. Make sure that you consider the materials of all the objects that you purchase, especially those for outside because they must stand up against adverse weather conditions (rain, exposure, extreme temperatures whether hot or cold, etc.).  

For wardrobes, it's really important to pay attention to this detail, as they will be responsible for protecting and preserving other objects like cushions and covers.  
Take a look at the image, for example, which features the KOLBJÖRN, an all-areas cabinet that works both indoors and outdoors. It's super practical and convenient because it's made of galvanised steel with a powder coating, it doesn't rust, it can be cleaned easily and is very hard wearing. 

Rustic-style outdoor furniture

If you're looking for storage with a more rustic design that's not so metallic, take a look at the ÄPPLARÖ garden furniture range. A personal favourite in this collection is definitely the multifunctional outdoor bench with storage. You can store whatever you want in it, from cushions to garden tools, and everything looks stunning. Add some cushions on top to give it an extra touch of decoration and comfort. The best part is that it's easy to move from one place to another because it's on wheels. 

If you pair it with the TOSTERO storage bagyou'll be sure that the objects inside will be totally protected

Sturdy, stylish outdoor cushions

Enjoying your time outside is always easier with good outdoor cushions. Like with furniture, textiles for the terrace and garden should be more sturdy than the ones you use inside your home. In particular, they should ideally be water repellent, fade resistant and machine washable (the more convenient, the better, right?).

Alfresco nights

The best thing about having a large terrace or garden is being able to enjoy the outdoors all day long. And when night comes, there's no reason to come inside – quite the opposite! With the help of good outdoor lighting, you'll be able to spend hours upon hours enjoying the fresh air.  

Here are some light chains to decorate and illuminate the walls, but you can always use other objects like lamps, lanterns and even candles. What do you think?

Plants and flowers, the true protagonists

What's a terrace or garden without eye-catching plants and colourful flowers? It wouldn't make much sense, right?  
They are the main and most important components of this space, so pay extra attention to where you put them. Let your creativity flow through them and make your terrace or garden the envy of the entire neighbourhood. You can play with the colour of the flowers, their size, and even the colour and shape of the pots. What about a vertical garden with vines to give the walls a different feel? Experiment! 

A pergola so that nothing prevents you from enjoying the open air

Don't let the rain or strong rays of sun interrupt your outdoor plans.

Enjoy the time under a parasol, gazebo or even a pergola that's big enough to protect you and your guests. Safety and comfort are top priority

What did you think? If you want more ideas on outdoor decor and caring for plants, read these articles.

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