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3 ideas for decorating your home with spring style

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising... Do you know what that means? Yes, spring is here!

Get inspired with these decor ideas to bring the change of season into your home and give it a fresh and cheerful touch. Don't miss these beautiful, practical and affordable ideas on how to decorate your home this spring.

Shall we get started?

How to decorate the bedroom: two essential changes 

One of the first areas of the home where we notice the change between seasons is usually the bedroom, which is why we're beginning our list of spring decorating tips there. 

To decorate the bedroom with an added touch of spring, we're going to rely on textiles. The warmer weather brings with it the addition of much lighter and cooler fabrics. That's why a good idea is to change the bed linens and take advantage of the occasion to introduce an extra touch of colour, which is always welcome.

A word of advice: don't store away blankets or quilts too early. Remember that nights can still be a bit chilly this time of year and we don't want you to wake up in the middle of the night looking for something warm. That's why it's good to always keep one out, even if it's warmer outside, that way you always have one on hand and nothing disturbs your sleep.

It's a small change and will cost you next to nothing, but it will give the room a completely new look. 

Remember that this year, the trend is to go natural; and in the bedroom, it's always better to opt for soft tones so that the atmosphere is more relaxed and you can rest better. So, even if you want to add some colour, keep these tips in mind if you have any doubts when it comes to choosing your bed linens.

In addition to your bedding, think about the rest of the textiles you can find in the bedroom. Spring is, so to speak, our reunion with the sun and natural light. We finally say goodbye to the grey and dreary days and say hello to the cheerful and clear ones. That's why it's time to freshen up your windows. If you don't want to waste a single ray of sunshine, but you don't want to give up your privacy either, we recommend that you choose some thin curtains or sheer curtains for your windows.

Natural and greener living rooms 

The living room also has great potential for changes in style from time to time and, like the bedroom, has various textiles that can be played with between seasons.

When decorating the living room in a spring style, we recommend that you first replace the cushion covers and mix and match styles—always, of course, in keeping with the decor of the room. For example, in this beige-coloured living room, we've opted for greens (a very cheerful and popular colour in this season) and more ecru tones.

Don't forget that spring is the perfect time to play up patterns too, so if your living room is dominated by plain colours, it might be a good option to break with that style and introduce textiles with some kind of motif in different colours that bring more energy to the environment.

Don't be afraid to experiment!

Do you have a rug? Don't be so quick to get rid of it. Rugs also have a place in spring (and even summer) decor. If it's made from natural materials or has a more handmade look, it's more than welcome in your spring living room.

Anything else you can change in your living room? Again, curtains play an important role, so the same advice we gave you in the bedroom applies here as well. 

Detail by detail, you can create big changes in a room. In this case, we've added a few branches to the coffee table and by the windows to give it a more natural feel. We've also added some accessories, such as a painting with small colourful patterns, in order to brighten up the room. 

Decorating with plants, the final touch 

Decorating with flowers and natural plants couldn't be left off this small list of tips for decorating the house in spring. There's no better season than spring to get started with this beautiful way of personalising your home. 

We don't need to make a big display and fill every corner of the house with them, but it's true that a little touch won't go unnoticed. Plants also have a great effect on our environment, as they purify the air and help us to be in a better mood. So we can't see any reason why we should say no to them! What do you think of their effect on this work and study corner? They're sure to make homework more pleasant. Go ahead and put them in a beautiful vase. You'll love the result and the investment will be minimal. 

What did you think? Put these tips into practice and transform your home to give spring the welcome it deserves. Fill your home with joy and charm for much less than you think. 

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