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Five ideas for decorating small terraces

Anyone with a terrace has a treasure, even if it’s small! Especially if you know how to take advantage of it. That’s why we want to help you with different decorating ideas, depending on how you want to use it: hang out with your friends, exercise, have a drink ... Take note!

Ideally, the decor should meet your needs while serving an aesthetic function. That’s why, this time we’re going to focus on decorating ideas for small terraces depending on how you use (or want to use) yours. It’s not about decorating just to decorate but helping you to make the most of it and enjoy the outdoors. Keep reading and choose the best option for you.

1. Decor for inviting invite friends


Want to make the most of your terrace so you can invite friends or family over? Even if it’s small, it’s possible. In this case, you’ll have to dedicate most of the space to a comfortable outdoor chair. For drinks and snacks you’ll also need a table that isn’t too big.

To accommodate more people, you can put one or two puffs in the open spaces. Once your guests have left, it’s easy to put the puffs in another room to leave more space on the terrace.

Don’t forget to add different coloured cushions and some blankets on the chair so that your guests are comfortable while you chat or have a drink. And, if you want to make your little terrace even nicer, add some plants and flowers plus a couple of candle lanterns by the railing area for a more romantic atmosphere and chilling out when it gets dark.

2. Design for exercise


If exercise is your thing and you’d like to use this space exclusively for that purpose, we also have ideas for you. Of course, since space is limited, we’re talking about physical activities that don’t require much movement like yoga or pilates.

It’s about seeing your terrace as a quiet corner where you can enjoy energising your body without interruptions. Your first goal will be to add as little as possible to better use the space. What are you going to need? We recommend putting down an outdoor rug to act as a comfortable base. You can also add a little puff or a table for what you need while you exercise (an instruction book, your mobile, a tablet or a bottle of water)

We also recommend that you add a small chair so that once you’re done exercising, you can also use your terrace to relax. The final touch for both options is to add a plant that creates a good atmosphere. If you don’t have much space left over, you can use the walls.

3. Decor for drinks


This is the perfect decor for those who associate terraces with bars, having a cold drink and enjoying pleasant conversation, either alone, with family or with friends.

In this case with a small terrace, the ideal option is a small table with room for drinks and little else. For seating, you can choose some folding chairs and combine them with stools like the one in the photo for a few extra centimetres of space. The best thing about folding chairs and tables is that you can take them away when you don’t need them and store them easily, which is very practical when it comes to small balconies and terraces.

To get the most out of your private terrace bar throughout the day, you’ll need an umbrella that protects you from the sun. Once all this is ready, you just need to bring in a little colour and atmosphere with outdoor plants along the railing area and other design features like a candle lantern that you can light in the evening. Let’s go!

4. Plant-focused decor


Love plants but don’t have a patio? Then this design idea is for you. It’s about taking advantage of your terrace to create a small garden where you can live out your passion for gardening.

The first step is choosing the plants. It’s important to consider the conditions on your terrace: the light the plants will receive at different times of the year, whether it’s open or closed, and the wind. Based on these conditions, you’ll have to choose certain plants over others. For example, if your terrace is closed, indoor plants are ideal.

To arrange them on the terrace, you can use a shelf like the KOLBJÖRN. At the top you can add bunches of small plants and at the bottom store everything you need to maintain them (watering can, shears, gloves). If you have more space, add a small table to enjoy a cup of tea while admiring all your plants.

5. Laundry design


Finally, another practical way to use your terrace is to allocate it to a particular household task that you don’t have room for inside. For example, you could set up a small laundry area with a washing machine, a laundry basket and a small curtain. Above, you can install a bench and a bar for hanging longer garments to extend the space beyond the clothesline.

To save space, once you’ve finished doing your laundry, you can put some hooks on the wall to hang a clothesline. You can also add a cupboard against the wall to store all your household cleaning products. That way, you’ll always know where they are and save time on your chores.

Which of these options did you like the most? Before you go, take a look at these articles for more ideas.

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