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Affordable ideas to decorate your home this autumn

The arrival of autumn is one of the most special seasonal changes of the year. We leave summer behind, a season in which we spend more time outside of our homes and move on to another season in which we go back to enjoying spending more time in our homes. This is why so many people decide to redecorate their home at this time of year.

If this is you, you can do so through small changes, renovating your home without breaking the bank. And let’s not pretend otherwise, the new products in our catalogue make it very easy.

Let's take a look at a few affordable ideas to decorate your home this autumn and fill it with new IKEA products. Why not join us?

Replace the cushion covers


One of the changes that we most often make for its ease, versatility and result is changing our cushion covers.

This is a very inexpensive option that can really change the look of our living room or bedroom (if we're talking about scatter cushions). We're still obsessed with STENMÄTARE as this cushion cover comes in autumnal shades and is made of cotton.

By the way, did you know that the cotton in our products is sustainably sourced? This means that it's recycled or produced using less water and fewer pesticides and fertilisers, increasing profit margins for farmers.

New rug for your living room or bedroom


Another idea for decorating your home this autumn is to update your rug or buy one if you don't already have one. Now that it's getting colder, rugs help us to make spaces feel cosier, to frame them and decorate them.

One new product in this year's catalogue is LINDKNUD, a rug that has a lot to offer. It's made from 100% recycled polyester, from recycled plastic bottles to be precise. As it's thick and heavy, it dampens sound and provides a soft, comfortable surface for your feet.

The perfect duvet cover for autumn


Duvets are back in our lives! After a summer when we don't even want to look at them, duvets are back to keep us warm on the coldest nights.

And what better way to welcome them back than with a duvet cover in an on-trend colour this autumn, like this in a greenish blue, which is ideal. This is PUDERVIVA and it's also available in pale yellow, dark pink and olive green. Honestly, these colours couldn't get any better for autumn.

It's also made of natural flax fibres, a more sustainable, renewable, breathable material that absorbs moisture, helping your body maintain a comfortable, constant temperature throughout the night. Any autumnal colour you choose for your bed's duvet cover can be combined with a white bedspread.

Ambient living room and bedroom lighting


Another key idea when decorating your home for autumn without breaking the bank is lighting. Daylight hours drastically reduce and we need to have different light sources in our home that make it cosier.

So, if you opt for a new floor lamp or table lamp to illuminate different points in your living room or bedroom, you'll be well on your way. We think that this retro model is an excellent choice that suits almost any style of living room. Oh! And don't forget. Whichever lamp you choose, always go for LED bulbs as they consume less electricity and last up to twenty years.

Expand and decorate your spaces with mirrors


Want to make a space feel more spacious while decorating it and making it more practical? Only a mirror will do. And you can never have too many!

Your bedroom dresser would look great with a round mirror as beautiful as this (the frame is rattan!). Or a narrow corridor that is not very spacious. Or in the hallway so you can grab that 'last glance' in the mirror before you leave home. This is the perfect time to snap up a mirror or two to decorate your home.

Refresh your tableware this autumn


We rounded out our affordable ideas for decorating your home this autumn with our tableware range. Dressing your table well is just as important!

So, perhaps the time has come to set aside 'grandma's' old tableware and change to rustic yet elegant tableware like GLADELIG. Made from ceramic and painted glass, it is perfect for both everyday and special occasions. Remember that you can mix and match several types of tableware in one table service without any problems, even if they are different shapes or colours. Always aim for a colour scheme that matches and create balance. Try different options out and you'll see that you'll find one that gives your table a dynamic look.

If you'd like more inspiration for this new season we've just entered, don't miss out on:

We love it when customers use our products in a creative way. Why not try to do something new with them yourself? But do remember that any modifications or changes that you make to IKEA products will prevent them from being resold or used for their original purpose, thus invalidating IKEA product warranties and your right to return them.