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How to organise cables and devices in the living room

Here are three simple tricks for you to learn how to organise all your cables and devices, so you can have the living room of your dreams once again!

How to organise cables and devices in the living room.
How to organise cables and devices in the living room.

Your living room provides a home for a lot of the electronic devices in your house. And while everyone loves technology and its convenience, you can't help but want to hide all the cables and devices that come with it and often invade your space.

Televisions, remote controls, game consoles, lamp cables, extension cords… Want to know how to make them disappear? Here are few simple tips to transform your living room and put everything in order. Learn how to organise the cables and electronics in your home and rediscover the living room you fell in love with.

Hide the TV behind curtains

For years, the television has played an important role in the living room of every home. In fact, many living rooms are designed around this device, detracting from other stand-out items such as the sofa and armchairs, where you can sit with friends and family and enjoy great conversation, and even from the table, where you can savour your favourite dishes in good company. 

If you want to avoid this distraction, you can do so with nice curtains. It's as simple as hanging a rail and fabric panels, as shown in the photo. And that's it! You can hide it whenever you like, as if it didn't exist. Don't forget to choose a fabric that inspires you and pairs well with the rest of the living room decor. In addition to hiding the TV, it will add a splash of colour to the room.  

Hang smaller objects from the sofa

Now that you've learnt how to tidy away one of the biggest devices in the living room, let's move on to those that are undoubtedly more difficult to keep neat and organised: small devices.

Remote controls, music players or tablets always end up scattered around the room. The best and most basic advice is to use drawers to store everything, but if you don't have enough space or you prefer to have these things to hand, you can use hanging fabric organisers on the sofa.
These accessories have different pockets of varying sizes, so you can store whatever you want in them, and not only can you place them over the armrest of the sofa; you can also hang them on the wall with hooks.

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Store cables and power strips

Finally, for the perfect living room, you can organise loose cables with special clips and cable ties. Once you have them bunched together in the way you want, you'll just need the finishing touch.

With a cable bag, like the one shown in the photo, you can completely hide extension cords inside a beautiful, discreet and simple accessory. What do you think? Who would think a power strip could be inside?

Chargers can be hidden too

There are also effective options to make the undisputed companions of your mobile devices go unnoticed.
There are quite a few cable management accessories, such as the IKEA ROMMA, which allows you to store cables, extension cords and plugs in a box while charging the devices.

This box also has a very practical accessory: the IKEA NORDMÄRKE, a wireless charging base, which allows you to easily charge your mobile phone (as long as it supports this type of charger). In fact, it can charge up to four devices at the same time and also features one USB port. 

Together, they form the perfect accessory to keep all your chargers tidy and well organised.
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