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How to keep toys tidy when there isn’t much space

Still not sure how best to store your children’s toys? Don’t worry: we have some ideas for you that will save space and keep your home tidy.

When space is limited, organisation and tidiness become vital so that we can make the best use of every corner and prevent the house getting on top of us. The same is true of our children’s toys - but what happens is that without us realising it, they sometimes get out of control.

Would you like some ideas on how to stop that happening? Here are four simple and practical tips for storing toys and saving as much space as possible.

1. Only keep what is worth keeping

To do a thorough reorganisation, we first need to make an inventory of all the items we have - and get rid of any we don’t need. But don’t throw them in the bin! One or more toys will no doubt be in good condition and can be given a new lease of life.

Donating toys that are no longer used is a good practice that, apart from saving space in the home, will teach your children to share and to decide what they no longer need. Other children can then enjoy those toys, just like your children did. Isn’t that nice?

2. Keep a special place for toys

Once we have decided what we are going to keep, we need to find a special place for all those toys.

Allocating a specific place to keep them in is more important than you might think, as it will make the task of organising the toys so much easier - and besides, your children will internalise the function of space.

Try creating this specific place by placing a small modular shelving system there with drawers adapted to the purpose. If you like, you can take inspiration from our children’s storage furniture section.

    You can see some of the tips we have given you in action in the following video: Here's our practical example of how to keep toys tidy at home.

    3. Make use of storage furniture and accessories

    There are genuinely useful storage accessories that can help with the task of organising toys. Once you have sorted the toys by size, type or frequency of use, you can use clear boxes, like any of those from the IKEA SAMLA range, of a suitable height and depth to store the toys. You can use any kind of container or box, but we recommend the see-through ones simply because they allow you to see the contents of the box at a glance.

    You can find the perfect box or basket in our special Organisation and storage accessories section.

    4. Teach them the importance of tidiness

    It's really important that your children, too, absorb the lessons of tidiness and organisation. So, encourage them – teach them to pick up their things once they have finished playing with them. That way, you will not only be instilling good practice in the home, but also, without your children even realising it, you will be teaching them how to take responsibility for their possessions and actions.

    Put all these tips together and you’ll see how, between you, you will keep the toys tidy, no problem!

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