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Home visit: our life at home with plants

Breathe fresh life into your home with a little plant therapy. Find out how you and your indoor plants can all benefit from living under one roof with these tips from Jess’s loft apartment in New York.

Plants displayed in different pots and vases.
Plants displayed in different pots and vases.

Create activity areas

Use plants to mark out different areas within your home. Creating a cosy corner can be a challenge when you live in an open-plan space, but Jess has used plants in a couple of different ways to make one corner feel like the best place for relaxing. She chose a tall pot plant to provide a natural backdrop for a large armchair and footstool. Next, she added a group of plants along a narrow bench, like a windowsill garden at eye level for the person sitting in the chair. Keeping plants where you can enjoy looking at them also makes it easier for you to keep an eye on when they need watering!

Plants can sense what’s going on with you; they’re living things. Plus, the more plants we have, the better they all seem to fare.

Jess, New York

Grow a botanical screen

Using indoor plants to decorate your home allows you to create subtle screens without having to add any permanent walls. This works particularly well in Jess’s open-plan apartment, where a row of plants along the mezzanine level serves two purposes: it adds a little privacy for those upstairs, and provides a pleasant view for people down below. She lets plants hang over walls and grow around corners to soften the building’s sharp lines and edges. Growing plants high and low also helps purify the air indoors.

My plants are my little green babies. A lot of them I have grown from bulbs, others I’ve grown from cuttings. I certainly feel very attached to all of them.

Jess, New York

Mix texture, shape and scale

To keep indoor plants interesting, variety is key – Jess likes to grow plants of all shapes and sizes, in pots, jars and vases that are just as varied. By contrasting smooth with spiky, round with rectangular, Jess lets her plants become sculptures in their own right – interesting objects to look at, and ones that are always evolving and changing.

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