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Home plans: tips for watching TV series and films

If you love watching TV series and films at home (either alone or with others), take a look at this list of tips for your perfect blanket and sofa plan. Take note!

Home plans: tips for watching TV series and films
Home plans: tips for watching TV series and films

What is it about a series or film that makes us transfixed until we end up binge watching them for hours and hours?

For online TV series, this has become an essential weekly activity for millions of people, and that's why subscriptions to content platforms are a major trend. In fact, a global study conducted by Juniper consulting services estimates that about one in four households worldwide will be subscribed to some digital service to watch films and series by 2022.

Whether it's to watch a series or your favourite film, where is the best place to hold this entire ritual? As you would expect, one of the preferred rooms for this activity is the living room.

That's why we've prepared a list of ideas and tips so you can get the most out of your favourite series, and enjoy a marathon session from your sofa. Make sure that you take a look!

Don't miss the classics

Truly enjoying your free time to watch films at home requires you to pay some attention to the details of the environment. For example, every good film lover knows that the basic components for a session in front of "the small big screen" are, along with the sofa, the blanket to snuggle up in and a few soft fluffy cushions for the perfect posture. The comfort of your home is what will make the hours fly by.

Take note of your ambient lighting

Lighting is also important for when we start our series marathon. And isn't a thriller series a lot better when we turn off some of the lights? By reducing lighting, you can focus your attention on the screen and unconsciously make your mind jump beyond just the picture in front of you.

So try to leave only a few lamps on, and turn off the main lights like those on the ceiling. You'll see how this effect really works and makes your "film and blanket" moment even more satisfying.

Surround sound: bring the cinema to your home

If there's something we love every time we go to the cinema, it's the way we can completely immerse ourselves in the film. Feeling like we are surrounded by the entire soundtrack (not just the music but also the special effects) allows us to multiply our senses and gives us that feeling of being part of the film.

Why not recreate that effect in your living room? You can easily set up two speakers – like our SYMFONISKwith a Sonos home cinema system to provide left and right surround sound channels as part of your Sonos surround sound experience. The adrenaline from that final race or that approaching army will soar.

Prevent outside noise

We're at the most exciting moment of the episode, the silence in the scene tells us that something important is about to happen and your intrigue start to grow... Suddenly, just as the protagonist begins to reveal the key to the plot, we are deafened by the sound of a motorcycle, which spoils the whole scene and its climax. Terrible!

If you don't want outside noises to bother you, it's a good idea to soundproof your living room. But how? There are alternative options, for example sound absorbing panels such as ODDLAUG. When combined with other textiles such as carpets or curtains, these panels can significantly reduce interruptions from the outside world, like sounds from the street or a neighbour's music.

Prepare a snack between episodes

If there's something that all good TV series lovers hate it's having to stop an episode to do other things like going for something to eat or going to the bathroom. And while we can't do anything about the latter, there is a solution to fix that hunger in the middle of a series marathon without interrupting your viewing.

It's simple. Prepare a snack before you start your marathon session and avoid having to stop in the middle of that interesting scene.

The menu is up to you. You can prepare a selection of your favourite snacks, go for the classic popcorn accompanied by a soft drink, or instead choose something sweeter, such as some delicious pastries and chocolate or a hot infusion to help you snuggle into the sofa.

Follow these tips and turn your TV series watching into a really special moment. If you liked this article and want more inspirational ideas to feel good at home, take a look at this article:

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