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Never standing still: modular furniture for a flexible living room

Night turns to day, work turns to play, people come, people go. Life is always changing, so why shouldn’t your living room? Let the welcoming living area of a large family show you how, with flexible furniture that can switch seamlessly from one activity to the next. Layered with plants and personal collections, it’s hard to believe that this inspiring space was pulled together on the tightest of budgets!

A living room with a dark-grey SÖDERHAMN sofa, wall art, black and white LACK nesting tables and a black SKURUP reading lamp.
A living room with a dark-grey SÖDERHAMN sofa, wall art, black and white LACK nesting tables and a black SKURUP reading lamp.

Business or leisure?

This family didn’t have the luxury of a separate office room, and weren’t too fond of laptops taking over the dining table. So, with a bit of clever shuffling, they’ve made space for working in here. Floating the sofa away from the walls frees up just enough room behind for a two-seater desk, plus a compact wall of work-related storage in the corner. Three drawer units - with designated drawers for every family member - can be wheeled in and out whenever needed.

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On a dark wood floor stands a MOLTE desk chair next to a desk formed by a dark-grey LAGKAPTEN tabletop and black ADILS legs.
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A beige FLINTAN office chair standing by a desk with a dark-grey LAGKAPTEN tabletop in a living room with dark wooden floor.
A dining area with a white NÄVLINGE pendant above it, a MOLTE desk chair, and frames with a blackboard and art on the wall.
Beneath three white LACK shelves mounted on an artfully patterned wall, stand three side-by-side grey HELMER drawer units.

Keeping work out of sight and mind – for a steal!

Pull together this wall of paperwork-banishing smartness for less than you'd expect: three HELMER drawer units, three LACK shelves and one NÄVLINGE LED work lamp for under xxx€.

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Loved and lived in

Yes, this hard-working room also has a softer side. Decorated with plants, art, travel souvenirs and hand-me-downs, it exudes a warm and happy history where you can feel the many happy memories that have been made.

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A dining area with side-by-side, black BRIMNES glass-door cabinets with decorative displays in, on and above them.
An area beneath a sunlit window with a SANDARED pouffe, a wall shelf with magazines and plants.
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Contrast keeps things interesting

The room’s black and white base is not just eye-catching, but also easy to co-ordinate and add onto. Here, cushions and textiles in gold and graphic patterns are mixed in for an unexpected twist.

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Textiles and stacked cushions, with golden-brown VIGDIS and white-and-gold SKÄGGÖRT cushion covers, on a HOL side table.
A sofa with a black-and-white TURILL cushion, an off-white EVALI throw, and a cushion sewn from broad-striped SOFIA fabric.
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Anytime, anywhere flexibility

Little side tables wait patiently in the wings, ready to appear when a book or coffee cup needs putting down. And as for that easy chair? True to its name, the lightweight design makes it a breeze to pick up and move about the room.

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Musical instruments and magazines on TRANHULT/SANDSHULT wall shelves and a black KNARREVIK bedside table by a windowed wall.
A section of a room with artfully patterned wallpaper, floor in dark wood and a guitar leaning on a black chair.
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