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Five healthy habits you can follow without leaving the house

This special list of five healthy habits is not to be missed. Discover the little things you can do from home to make your life much more enjoyable.

Five healthy habits you can follow without leaving the house.
Five healthy habits you can follow without leaving the house.

Feeling good is without doubt a key requirement for everyone. To achieve this, it is essential that both your interior and exterior surroundings create the ideal harmonised environment to give you that sense of well-being.

Your home plays a fundamental role here, as it is the source of many of the positive feelings required to achieve that balance. So how do you do it? The secret is good habits and a little bit of organisation.
To help, IKEA has compiled a list of five healthy habits that you can easily put into practice from home. You'll see how these little things can improve your day-to-day life. Take note!

Sleep well to recharge your batteries

Everyone knows this and it is repeated incessantly. But there's a good reason for this. Rest is fundamental to being able to perform at 100% both physically and mentally. It is important to regulate your sleep to avoid that feeling of continuous fatigue. It is even advisable to avoid using electronic devices immediately before you go to bed because they disturb your sleep.

But don't forget that the perfect night's sleep depends on the quality of two fundamental pillars: your mattress and pillow. Your mattress is essential for preventing physical exhaustion. When choosing a mattress, take into account aspects such as your physique and any muscular or circulatory problems. You should also choose your pillow carefully, considering factors such as sleeping position (on your side, on your back, etc.).

If you think it's time to replace any of your sleep essentials, advice is available from the IKEA Bedroom section.

Cook ahead

Often, locking yourself in the kitchen to prepare the following day's meals is the last thing you want to do. So why not get ahead of the game and cook meals for several days in one go? That way, you'll have better control over what you eat and you'll make better use of food.

By putting meals in glass containers and storing them in the fridge or freezer, you can keep food fresh and flavourful until you are ready to eat it. You'll save time and it's less of a headache. Plus, it will give you more control over what you eat each day and a chance to vary your meals. Don't forget to include recipes that use fresh fruit and vegetables for a balanced diet.

In the Food containers and organisers section, you will find various products for storing your meals.

Work out in the living room

In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, there's no denying that sport contributes directly to well-being. And even though it may seem hard to believe, it is still possible to create an effective exercise routine at home. How? You just need a little space and a few bits of equipment, like a mat, towels or even a scented candle. Then you're all set for either a yoga session or an intense abdominal workout. The choice is yours!

In the following video, see how to set up a home gym so that nothing can slow you down. You'll save money and feel good.

    Plan your housework

    It is important to create a schedule for cleaning and chores so that you can stay on top of the housework. A clean and tidy space directly influences people's well-being, as it can prevent or alleviate stressful or overwhelming situations. Feeling at ease in your home is paramount.

    Draw up a schedule to suit you in a chart or on a whiteboard and enjoy living in a home always at its best.

    Use downtime to crack on with your projects

    Having some downtime is just as important as being busy. But that does not mean resigning yourself to doing nothing. These gaps in your schedule are perfect for cracking on with that personal project, enjoying an activity that you always mean to do but never get round to, or simply disconnecting for a while.

    Take advantage of your free time to read a book, paint or even go through the photos from that special trip and finally frame them. You're guaranteed to feel good when you've sorted those outstanding tasks.

    By including these small healthy habits in your routine, you'll see how you gradually learn to better manage your time and discover the many things your home has to offer. Give it a go!

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