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Fika: Enjoy your cofee time as the swedish do

When the cold arrives, few things we like more than to spend a relaxed time, alone or accompanied, having a warm coffee and something sweet to accompany it, right? This moment, be it at home or at work, makes our day so simple that it seems a lie. To this daily break that a priori does not matter, but that is so special, it is called "fika" in Swedish. Do you want to know everything that this moment implies in Sweden? Adopt the Swedish tradition of "fika" this winter and take your time to enjoy good company and excellent coffee.

A woman holding a tray of cinnamon buns and coffee and a close-up of coffee being poured into a glass cup.
A woman holding a tray of cinnamon buns and coffee and a close-up of coffee being poured into a glass cup.

Taking a daily fika is practically a national institution in Sweden. Called a ‘coffee and cake break’, fika is a short time-out to take mid-morning or afternoon on your own, with friends or workmates.

The Swedes’ favourite fika treat is even celebrated as Cinnamon Bun Day on October 4.

Now enjoy yours with a side of barista-quality coffee you make yourself. Malin Ljungström helped develop the newest IKEA coffee products: ‘It gives a sense of satisfaction when we’re able make things as well as the experts,’ she says. With the new coffee accessories, ‘We want to improve people’s day one cup at a time.’ Buying IKEA PÅTÅR coffee also comes with a feel-good factor as the beans are grown under UTZ certification, which ensures sustainable farming practices and better opportunities for farmers and their families.

The coffee breake is essential in the lives of many people, that is why it is so important to take care of it and pamper it as it deserves, choosing a good coffee to enjoy it 100%.

The new coffee makers and filters are designed to give your drink a deeper and stronger aroma. «To many, the smell of coffee means wellbeing and a homey feeling».

Malin Ljungström

The smell of coffee brings us well-being and a sense of home, of shelter, of "warmth". A few complicated sensations to get with another drink. And if you test the new coffee makers and filters, you're going to hallucinate, because they're designed to give it an even deeper and stronger aroma.

For example, with UPPHETA you only have to pour hot water over ground coffee or tea leaves, push the filter down and serve the resulting drink directly from the coffee / tea maker.

You can also choose drip coffee machines, whose reusable steel filter has small holes that let the oils pass and give the coffee a richer flavor.

In Sweden, fika is such an ingrained and important moment in your daily routine as answering some mails at work or brushing your teeth. In fact, many companies have that obligatory stop for coffee, in which they offer their employees sweets and hot drinks. It's part of their culture, and they're incredibly efficient!

And is that when we disconnect for a short period of time, our productivity increases significantly. Do not you think it's time to give it the importance it deserves at home or at work?