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International Cat Day: ideas for creating a real home for your cat

20 February is celebrated around the world as Cat Day. So, in honour of it, we've prepared a few ideas for you to give your pet the best of gifts: a real home. Want to see? Keep reading!

When we love someone, the first thing we do for them is think about their well-being and how we can help them achieve it. And it's exactly the same with our pets. So, what better than to adapt our homes so that they feel as comfortable as we do? Turn your home into a haven of animal welfare with these beautiful and affordable cat accessories from our LURVIG pet accessories range.

Cat houses to create a refuge

Cats, by pure animal instinct, tend to tuck themselves away in any space that lets them hide, whether it's to stalk prey and play, or to rest and feel safer. Now do you understand why a simple cardboard box can be their favourite place in the house? 

Understanding this behaviour, the best thing you can do is prepare a cat house for your pet that will meet these natural needs and will also help your cat to feel much more comfortable than inside a box and get the hours of rest it needs.  

Our LURVIG cat beds, for example, come in a wide variety of colours, designs and textures so that whatever your home's style, you can find the perfect bed for your feline friend at a very affordable price. Complete them with a cat cushion for even more comfort and an extra touch for your cat's house. 

Accessories to care for and pamper your cat 

A scoop for the litter tray

If you want your house to be a real home for your cat, you have to be very strict about cleanliness. In addition to the extra care that comes with having a pet, cats are known for being particularly neat animals. They like to keep themselves and the space around them clean. Therefore, we recommend that you clean frequently and make sure that the products you use are not harmful or toxic to your kitties.

Regularly clean the covers of the cushions where they rest and sleep, as well as their house. And don't forget to keep the litter tray clean. For some help, you can always resort to tools such as a scoop to remove waste more easily or a lint roller for fabrics (very useful whether your cat has long or short fur).  

A soft brush for massaging

One of the key indicators of whether your cat is happy and comfortable is the unmistakable sound of purring. When they make this noise, your pet is expressing its well-being and comfort. It is also very beneficial to their health, as purring has the ability to regulate stress and even relieve pain in cats. Impressive, isn't it?

To prolong this happiness, how about pampering your cat with a nice massage? Something as simple and inexpensive as a pet brush can help you keep your pet cleaner and neater while giving them a moment of total relaxation with a massage.  

A trick to stop cats from scratching the furniture

Whether we like it or not, scratching and nail-sharpening is another one of our feline friends' natural behaviours. Mainly, they do it to remove the dead layers of their nails and to take care of them (as we already said, they are very proud animals). What's more, scratching also allows them to release stress and even communicate.

So how can you allow them to continue this natural habit without compromising the integrity of your furniture? We recommend a very affordable and useful trick: a scratching mat. With a mat like the one we offer, your kitties will know exactly where they can sharpen their nails. It is very easy to set up, as it has straps that allow you to adapt it to any table leg. Not only will your cats be very happy, it will also extend the life of your furniture!

Did you know that this scratcher is made from natural materials? Specifically, 50% sisal, a natural fibre obtained from the agave plant, and 50% jute, which makes it a more environmentally friendly and resistant product.  

Cat toys

Whatever your cat's age, play is an essential part of fostering their well-being. It's perfect for developing their physical activity and keeping them healthy.

Toys can give them different options for movement and fun. For example, in this cat tunnel, your pet can do what it likes to do best: hunt and hide. In addition, at the end of it there is a little ball that stimulates their curiosity and hunting instinct. The best bit is that this cat accessory takes up very little space, as it is foldable and can be easily stored in any corner of the house.

Make sure that they have a great time at home with their toys and set aside some time to play with them and enhance the bond between you. That will be the key to creating a real home for them.  

What did you think of these tips? Discover everything you can offer your pet with our range of LURVIG cat accessories and make your home a very special place for the both of you.

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