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Decorate a small living room and maximise the space

Decorating modern living rooms has become a real challenge now that many of us live in increasingly small city apartments or smaller spaces. That’s why we want to show you how to decorate a small living room and take advantage of your space at the same time.

The living room has become the place where we do everything: sleep, watch TV, exercise, eat and even do homework. Be inspired by our decoration ideas, our furniture for small living rooms and our multifunctional furniture, which is as versatile as your compact living room.

Use furniture designed for small living rooms

The idea is to make the most of the space we have. That’s why multifunctional furniture will be your best friend. For example, a sofa with storage is a great idea — you can store your books on its beautiful shelves. These ideas for decorating a modern living room will hopefully inspire you to make the best use of every last corner of your living room.

A chair bed is one of the best ways to make use of space using multifunctional furniture. During the day, it’s a comfortable armchair or sofa where you can watch TV, read or chat with friends. At night, it transforms into a bed where you can sleep peacefully.

In small living rooms, it can also be very useful to use furniture on wheels, like the coffee table in this living room, so you can move it around in a flash when you need to.

Tables are another example of multifunctional furniture that can help you to furnish a small living room. A drop-leaf table can be used for studying, doing homework or as a dining table for one, two, three or more! And you don’t have to use matching chairs: decorating is also about mixing things up and using striking colour combinations, as in this living room.

Or, as in this example, two desks can be turned into a dining table where you can spend long evenings chatting over dinner with your guests.

It’s not that difficult to turn your small living room into an attractive, modern lounge. Take advantage of the space that you have and use pale colours that reflect the light. Remember: the more light, the greater the sense of space.

Finally, try using a stackable stool such as the RÅSKOG or a folding chair like the FRODE. They’re easy to store away, giving you more space to use for other things. The wall behind a door can be a great place to keep your folding chairs. Why not? You never know when you’ll need them.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to decorate a small living room, take 30 seconds to get some inspiration from our video explaining our top four tips for small living rooms. At IKEA, you’ll find the perfect living room furniture to personalise your décor and your life.

    Video: Four quick ideas for small living rooms