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Home-made decorations for your Christmas table

Want some home-made decorations for the Christmas table this year? Whether want something that's more affordable, sustainable or personalised (or even all three!), we've got just what you're looking for! Here are several DIY table decorating ideas you can make at home. All you need is a little bit of time for some unique and festive results.  

The table is always the focal point of celebrations with family and friends, and this rings true more than ever at Christmas. That's why we love to decorate it and fill it with little details to make it even more special for dinners and meals together. That said, it can certainly end up being quite an expense, especially if we want to coordinate our decorations for each and every special day during the holidays.

That's why we've prepared a list of home-made decorating ideas for the Christmas table, so that everyone can find a way to decorate their home as they wish this Christmas. And the best part? The end result will be that much more personal. Shall we get started? 

Rustic decorations for the Christmas table  

Our first proposal is based on rustic inspiration. It's simple, so you won't need much, but at the same time you'll achieve a delicate and thoughtful touch for your festivities. The predominating colours are white, as the base, and shades of brown, from light to dark. Let's have a look at all the parts that make up this design and a step-by-step guide to setting the table.   


  • White dinnerware: the shape doesn't matter; the most important thing is to use this colour so that the brown details can take centre stage on the table. It doesn't need to be special — it can be the dinnerware you use every day.   
  • Beige cloth napkins: you can use fabric that you already have at home. As you see in the photo, a precise cut isn't required — quite the opposite, as a less perfect look will give you more of a rustic feel.
  • Pine cones: get several pine cones and place them in a bowl as a centrepiece. You can leave them their natural colour, or paint them gold for a more sophisticated look.  
  • Branches: collect several small branches outside to decorate your dishes. You'll need to disinfect them thoroughly before you lay them on the table. Don't worry if they're all different from one another; that'll help to make the decor even more unique.  
  • Camel-coloured cardstock and twine: as a finishing touch, cut out some small cards and write the name of each guest on them. Then, make a small hole and use the twine to tie each of them to a branch.  

Decorations in classic Christmas tones 

Are you a lover of the Christmas season's classic reds and greens? Do you like classic decorations? Then this design idea is for you. Let's have a look at everything you'll need.  


  • White dinnerware: again, we'll use a classic white shade for the dishes. They'll serve as the base to help make the tablecloth really stand out.  
  • Red fabric: you'll need this colour fabric to make a runner or tablecloth, whichever you prefer. To do this, you'll need to measure your table; if making a runner, you'll need a little extra cloth to overhang on each end, then cut away! 
  • Beige cloth or paper napkins: if you already have napkins in this colour, great! If not, you'll only need a bit of fabric of this colour or a similar tone that you may have around your home. Even if it seems complicated, you may have a garment or some fabric in this colour that you no longer use. You'll just need to wash it, then cut out the number of napkins you need.  
  • Sprigs of pine, red twine and small Christmas balls: these details will be the icing on the cake. First, tie the napkins together with a sprig of pine and a little red ball or ornament you have at home and place them on each dish. Then, place the remaining branches and ornaments on the table to complete the look.  

Romantic decorations for the Christmas table 

Let's have a look at some decor that's different from the more traditional Christmas style seen in most homes—however, that's not to say this decor will be anything less than special. As you've surely read in the title, this decor is softer and more romantic, and thanks to the use of leaves, it's also perfect for this time of year. What are you going to need? 


  • White dinnerware: again, the base colour for the table decoration will be a set of white dishes. As you can see, they're quite versatile for all kinds of settings, so it's well worth having a set.  
  • Striped fabric: as almost all of the decor will be white, our advice is to use a fabric with a neutral pattern for the tablecloth. A navy blue and white stripe is ideal for breaking up the monotony without standing out too much. As before, simply measure your table and cut the fabric to make runners.  
  • White fabric: for your napkins. If you don't have any on hand, you can also use white paper napkins.  
  • Natural leaves and ribbon: collect various leaves that you find outside. Select the ones that look best and if they have different shades, even better! You can also paint some of them white for a more elegant and elaborate result. Once you've done this, the next step is to glue them to a long ribbon that's not too thin to create a garland of festive leaves to place on the table. Don’t forget to save one leaf per guest. 
  • Beige twine: the final step is to wrap the napkins in twine and tuck a small leaf in each.  

Decorations with Christmas lights  

Finally, we have a table setting that uses lights as the centrepiece. Although the lights in the photo have some small Santa figures on them, they're just one of the many options you can choose from!  

The idea here is to use a string of lights you have at home from years past to give your table a festive touch. They could even be the same one you use to decorate your Christmas tree. Simply lay them along the table in a way that won't bother your guests. The best way to do this is to put them on the table after you've set down the dishes and glassware. This will ensure that the string of lights complements your table setting just right.  

The only remaining things you'll need are white dinnerware, red cloth or paper napkins and sprigs of pine, to lay on top of the napkins to add that last special touch. Fast, simple, yet very eye-catching! 

Which of these ideas goes best with your style? If you like more than one, you can always use them on different occasions, such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year's Eve. And if you're in the mood for more, here are some other ideas to decorate your home this Christmas, all at the best price.  

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