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Ideas for making the most out of a balcony

How many of us have a balcony at home that we don’t know how to use to its fullest potential? We’re confident that you can get even more out of it than you are right now, or you could freshen it up to add a luxurious feel! Small but mighty, a balcony can connect us to the outside world and offer a place to relax and eat breakfast in the sun on summer mornings... In short, it’s that space that makes us feel a little happier at home. Here we have a few ideas for making the most out of your balcony.

Make the most of your space: a vertical garden on your balcony

With small balconies the most important thing to remember is that every inch counts, and that’s no different for vertical space. It’s important to know how to make the most out of wall space:

  • Put up some plants to create a feeling of lush vegetation and intimacy without using up floor space.
  • You can achieve this using structures like this one, which take up hardly any space in terms of width, but cover the entire wall.
  • Another good option is to use hanging pots that you can fix to the ceiling or a railing.
  • You can also fix a traditional wood trellis to the wall for vines or other climbing plants.
  • You can always opt for planters with a holder to hang from the rail itself and fill with plants and flowers without taking up floor or wall space.

Small, folding furniture

Let’s move on to an essential feature of any balcony: outdoor furniture for small spaces.

When you’re short on space, it’s important to make it as versatile as possible. How? With furniture that’s light, foldable, and takes up as little space as possible, like this outdoor dining set.

Foldable doesn’t have to mean "tasteless" or "cheap". Add some outdoor cushions and other textiles to make your time on the terrace more comfortable, hang a small blanket off the backrest, add an umbrella to the mix if you have enough space... Give it some personality!

Small details: decor for the balcony

Balconies are so much more than simply a place to rest and relax, or a space for plants. Just like inside your home, decor is important and has a role to play.

  • Flowering plants and furniture and accessories in bright colours fill dark spaces with light.
  • Opting for unique pots or combining different materials can add a special touch to your small balcony. 
  • Candles or string lights will decorate the space while also providing romantic and cosy lighting for those summer nights.
  • A small blanket will keep you warm when it cools down, while also adding a little colour and a cosy touch to your balcony seating.
  • Outdoor cushions offer extra comfort and brighten up your balcony. Even if there’s only enough space for one chair. Comfort is key!
  • What about adding a rug? Check out our outdoor accessories here.
  • If you’re still not familiar with our SOLVINDEN solar-charged lighting, now is the perfect time. 

Growing aromatic herbs at home

Everyone loves small-scale gardening, even if it’s just on a small urban balcony. There are many different types of aromatic herbs and other types of easy-to-grow plants to try.
These are some of the easiest plants to grow at home:


This is one of the most resilient plants of all the kitchen "basics". It lasts all year round and doesn’t need any type of special care.


Basil needs lots of sun and water, but is easy to maintain. And who doesn’t love pesto?


It’s incredibly resilient and adapts to any space with a lot of sunlight. You can put it straight in a larger planter or start with a smaller one and repot it later. Unlike the other plants, it’s not suitable for cooking, but it can add a wonderful smell to your wardrobes and drawers.

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For more inspiration, check out this Ask Allen video which gives you more ideas for getting your outdoor space ready.

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