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Instructions for creating and gifting individual seedbeds

Spring is the perfect time for growth. Find out how to make your own seedbed at home and gift your loved ones a little piece of nature to bring home. Your seeds will sprout as if by magic.

Gardening or growing plants and flowers is one of the most enjoyable hobbies there is. In fact, it has excellent health benefits, as it reduces stress, helps to exercise the mind, increases self-esteem and makes us more positive, among many other advantages. How would you like to be able to give all of this as a gift to your loved ones?

In the following article, we show you how to create individual substrates with seeds so that you can give your family and friends an original and environmentally friendly gift. Don’t miss them!

1. Create a fertile substrate

To create our seedbeds, we must first prepare the substrate.

Substrates are one of the most commonly used materials for growing crops and are used to retain the water and nutrients that plants need to grow. In this case, we are going to use it as a base to transport and germinate our seeds, much like we used to do with cotton at school. To do this, we will start by shredding small pieces of a paper napkin.

Tip: use a medium-sized bowl to do all the mixing.

2. Soaking and straining

To continue with this method of germination, the next step is to pour some water over the paper pulp and let it soak.

Then strain the mixture through a sieve to remove most of the liquid. You want the pulp to be damp, but not wet. You can use a spoon to better stir and drain the substrate pulp.

3. Forms the discs

To divide it up, spread the wet pulp you've created evenly in round containers.

For example, we've used something as simple as a muffin tin. A thin layer will be more than enough.

Sprinkle the seeds of your choice on top while the pulp is still wet so that they stick and let the paper air dry (don't apply heat).

4. Spread joy

Now you have your seedbed full of plant power, ready to be placed in a planter with soil where it can be watered and sprout.

We suggest that you accompany the seedbed with a little something extra. You can use a string to decorate your gifts and give it that extra special touch. It's perfect for themed gifts, and will even give something back!

What did you think? Try this new way of gifting and let your loved ones experience the benefits of caring for plants and flowers.

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