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How to organise your wardrobe and really make the most of the space

When the seasons change and you start to change your wardrobe, you realise how many clothes you no longer wear. They are too worn or, on the contrary, at the back of your wardrobe with the labels still on and you don't wear them as much as you should. Perhaps you don't have enough shelves for t-shirts and jumpers but too much hanging space.

That's why the change of season is the perfect time to consider how to organise your wardrobe and make the most of your space.

Take note of our ideas and tips for organising your wardrobe!

Small open wardrobes: how to get the most out of them


A wardrobe that conveys a sense of spaciousness and comfort doesn't necessarily need much space: the most important thing is how you use every available centimetre.

If you want to start to organise your wardrobe begin by thinking about whether you're doing things right in terms of the layout of your wardrobe. How? Let's go step by step:

  1. Remove all your clothes and leave it empty.
  2. Use this opportunity to clean the bottom of your wardrobe and add fragrance so that winter or summer clothes (depending on the transitional season) are welcomed back.
  3. Pick up a few boxes to sort your clothes and shoes and think about whether you can redistribute wardrobe space more effectively. Read on for tips on how to organise boxes in your wardrobe.

Hangers, shelves and boxes: how to organise your wardrobe


As we've said, there are many types of clothes and accessories in a wardrobe. And each one has its place if you know how to organise your wardrobe to take advantage of the space.

That's why it's so important to have everything in its perfect place:

  • The clothes you wear most, on lower shelves and accessible rails. Everything within reach!
  • The clothes you use least (for parties or special occasions etc.) in the higher parts of your wardrobe, as you won't need to access these as often.
  • Also in the higher parts of your wardrobe you can put blankets or jumpers in fabric boxes or vacuum bags so they take up less room and make the most of every inch of space.
  • Small accessories (necklaces, rings, belts…) in small boxes or in large boxes with organisers so that they do not mix.
  • Shoes in boxes or on display. You can put the shoes you use the most on the shelves or put that special pair that you want to be on display for everyone to see.

Do you want to see these ideas in action? We are sure that you will, so don't miss this video:

    Have you ever thought about how useful fabric bags can be?


    Whether it is for organising your wardrobe after summer or winter, or to do the laundry, your clothes need sorting. Keep some space in your wardrobe for a set of laundry bags like these, which, in addition to being decorative, are extremely useful.

    They work equally well for a sorting through your clothes once a year as for the daily sorting of colours and whites. You only need a couple of hangers to store them, they can even be hung on the back of your wardrobe door!

    You can also carry them easily to your washing machine using their handles.

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