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Visit a home: Two small but perfectly organised kitchens

Do you think a small kitchen can't be efficient? Let us show you how to make the most of your space using small storage solutions through these two examples of real kitchens. Make sure that you take a look!

Two white kitchens in different styles
Two white kitchens in different styles

For many, having the kitchen of their dreams means that it must be very large, bright and with space to keep and store lots of things. But does your kitchen really need to be huge to be perfect? Our answer is of course no.

The key to an efficient kitchen is not its size, but how it's organised. And there is a huge variety of storage solutions and little tricks to make sure that all the space is perfectly used and also fulfils its role.

To demonstrate this, we've called on two of our IKEA ambassadors to tell us first-hand how they achieved it. Their wisdom in the kitchen can guide and inspire us all.


Sandra's kitchen

Sandra, also known on social media as @pasitoapasitodecorando, lives with her boyfriend in a lovely home with a small but wonderful kitchen (which is 2.5 m x 2.5 m with a 1 m x 2.5 m pantry).

For Sandra and her partner, practicality is the most important thing in her kitchen. "Every day we work out of the home, so we spend about an hour per day in the kitchen making dinners and preparing food for the next day. As we have little time, it's essential to have everything close by so that we spend as little time as possible preparing food, which allows us to relax."

The pantry

The pantry can be an easier area to organise if we experiment with boxes to separate and organise food. In addition, it appears more orderly and uniform.

"To gain double the amount of height I've used the OBSERVATÖR basket and I've stuck on identifying labels so I always know what's inside each box. So as not to waste any space, I've added shelves and hangers on the door. KUNGSFORS bags are a great option for bulk shopping, so after you buy something, we put them back here."

Recycling and rubbish bin

"With its KARDORNA compartments, KNODD makes organising the recycling a breeze. We're not at home that much so we don't generate too much rubbish, and this bin is perfect."

We live in Madrid, so we leave for work very early and don't usually get home until the evening. If we were to get home and find everything a mess, we would waste a lot of time tidying everything and preparing dinners and food for the next day. That's why we like to have everything in its place. It's easier to keep everything organised!

Order in your drawers

Drawers are another of the kitchen's big challenges. Sandra has strategically used the Marie Kondo method to store dish clothes and tablecloths. With a quick glance you can find what you want, and without taking up space.

To organise her pots and pans, she's placed the small ones in the VARIERA lid organiser. The large ones are stacked on top of each other, and as there was a gap, she added a VARIERA bamboo basket with a handle so it's easier to take out.

For the food jar drawer she's chosen to use the same range (specifically, the KORKEN jars in different sizes). "Because they're transparent it makes it easy to see the contents of each jar", she adds.

The fridge

They have also used VARIERA boxes in the fridge to separate food, although this time in a smaller size so that they fit perfectly. As well as reorganising the food, they've updated the containers and bottles, permanently removing the plastic ones and replacing them with glass bottles and food containers.


And what about all the plates and glasses? Sandra has chosen to keep all the dinnerware in this cupboard, although with some extra help. "We've tripled our storage capacity with the VARIERA shelves. We keep the cups we use the most on the hangers just below. On the worktop, we also have the cutting boards and condiments we use the most in a little basket. So every time we cook we have them close at hand."

Having everything organised makes shopping easier as we know what we're running out of at any time, and we just have to add it to the shopping list.

The food containers

Sandra and her partner keep the food containers, the largest pots and food processing gadgets in this cupboard. Here, they've also used VARIERA shelves to gain height and double the storage space. The VARIERA boxes are used as drawers to store the food containers, which are separated by size. And as for the sides, there was ample space that they've used to store the placemats.

Under the sink

As in many homes, the area under the sink is used to store cleaning products and DIY-related products. To take advantage of the space on the door they've also added two TISKEN baskets to it. "Here we store the dishwasher tablets, kitchen wipes and scourers, so they aren't left on the worktop and gives a better sense of order."

Elena's kitchen

Now it's time to see another example of organisation in the kitchen with our ambassador Elena (@elemorlovedecor) as the host.

Elena lives with her partner and two adorable little dogs, and they share an 11-m2 kitchen.

"We love to cook. I like baking a lot and my other half loves everything else, so we spent a lot of time in our kitchen together. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our home, but it doesn't have to be the most chaotic. I think that when there is order everything flows, and in the kitchen in particular it seems that even the food is better."

The pantry

Sometimes we feel that we must keep things out and give up on cupboards or drawers. In the case of Elena, this is precisely what happens in her pantry. "Most of my pantry is an open space, so aesthetically it's better for it to be organised." See how she's managed to organise it and make it look appealing.

On the higher shelves, she's used boxes to store cookware that are not for everyday use (hand blenders, glass blenders, pastry moulds and popcorn maker). On the shelves below, which are easier to reach, she's played with the aesthetics of glass jars, specifically the KORKEN series in different sizes, to store dry food (legumes, pasta, rice, cereals, cocoa, etc.).

On the bottom shelves are several baskets for storing nuts, juices and sweets, some glass jars with wooden lids for biscuits and cocoa in jars from the IKEA 365+ series.

Recycling area

Elena's recycling area is integrated into the cupboard under the sink, as with Sandra. To be able to play with different heights inside the cupboard and store the mop bucket, they've placed an additional rack of shelves from the VARIERA series.

For the empty spaces

Between the washing machine and one of the cupboards there was a gap large enough to be used. However, the disadvantage was that the washing machine door was preventing any kind of shelving or additional cupboard. So the perfect solution for Elena was the mobile RÄSKOG trolley. This means she can store a lot of things like chopping boards, spices or oils, and move them to one side when she needs to use the washing machine. It's super convenient and looks great, right? Inside, she's organised the food into jars, just like the ones in the ÖRTFYLLD or the IHÄRDIG series.

The food containers

Elena and her partner are fans of batch cooking (if you want to know what this is, click on this link), and they need to store and preserve different dishes for the entire week. To do this, they use the IKEA 365+ series glass food containers. "This type of container allows us to preserve food for much longer. And that means less waste and more enjoyment", explains Elena. And as they are all part of the same range, they are much easier to organise. In this case, they place them in the lower drawer, like this.

What did you think? We hope that these examples and tips from our ambassadors have inspired you. Now it's time to apply all of this to your own kitchen. We're sure that everything will look perfect. You can do it!


We are delighted to see our customers use our products creatively. Why not try being creative too? But do remember, any modifications or changes that you make to IKEA products prevent them from being resold or used for their original use, and so voiding IKEA product warranties and your right of return.