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How to clean rugs

Cleaning rugs is not complicated, but it does require certain knowledge and care. Why? Because it will depend on the type of material that it is made of and the type of stain or dirt that you want to clean. Like with all cleaning tips, the most important point is to pay close attention to the manufacturer's instructions: the label. There you'll find out what you need to clean the rug properly.

If you don't have the label to refer to or want new tips on how to clean the rugs in your home, take a look at all of these guidelines.

1. Wool rugs: basic guide on how to clean them

Did you know that each wool rug is unique? What's more, they are incredibly resistant to dirt and use, so they're great for the living room or bedroom. Of course, you shouldn't machine wash them or use bleach on them. Here are some other tips on how to clean them and maintain them in perfect condition:

  • New wool rugs shed lint, but don't worry, you'll simply have to vacuum more frequently at the beginning.
  • Vacuum them often, and at least once a week. Always use the standard floor hose accessory, the same one that you use for the rest of the home and not the rotating brush.
  • Remove dry stains immediately by carefully rubbing towards the centre of the stain.
  • In the event of wet stains, don't rub. It's much better if you absorb up the stain using paper towels, and then get them wet with a cloth and gentle cleaner.

On top of that, wool rugs are very special. Want to find out why?

2. Synthetic rugs: keep them in perfect condition

Synthetic rugs have something in common with wool rugs: they need exactly the same care that we mentioned above. Namely, vacuum them often, don't wash them in the washing machine, don't clean them with bleach and follow the stain-washing instructions mentioned above.

3. Clean rugs made of natural fibres

Unsurprisingly, rugs made of natural fibres should not be washed by machine either. If you want to eliminate the odour that many of these models have at first (that characteristic "new scent"), aerate them for a few hours and then vacuum them. Vacuum and shake them out often to prevent dust from accumulating among their fibres.

If you want to do a deeper clean, add water and soap to a cloth, wring it out and apply it to the rug. Then dry the rug with a separate dry cloth, paper towel or by airing it out.

4. How to wash a cotton rug

The one featured in the image is the TIPHEDE rug, made with recycled cotton. It's another fantastic material that is special to IKEA.

This is what you should do if you want to clean a cotton rug:

  • You should machine wash it at 40°C at most, with a normal treatment. It only shrinks by 5%.
  • Don't use bleach.
  • Iron at 150°C at most.
  • The most recommended option to maintain its shape after washing is to hang it up to dry.
  • Regularly vacuum and rotate the rug, every week if possible.

5. Other extra tricks for cleaning rugs

  • When a rug gets stained, it doesn't matter what caused it – the best remedy is speed: move quickly to remove the stain.
  • Normally, the best thing is to remove the liquid with a paper towel without rubbing it, to prevent it from spreading.
  • Don't use a cloth that is too wet to remove the stain: you'll make it spread.
  • Use a specific stain remover for rugs and follow the manufacturer's instructions. And don't forget to test it first in a non-visible area of the rug to be sure that it doesn't affect the colour or ruin it.

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