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How to declutter your home, room by room

If you're determined to get rid of clutter throughout your home, this is for you. Here are several tips for organisation focused on the different rooms of your home, so that no space is left untouched.

Clear out the hallway 

There's nothing better than coming home to a tidy hallway, right? To make this a reality, combine open and closed cabinets to store the clothes and shoes that you tend to leave in this area of your home.  

You can use a wardrobe to store all your jackets or accessories that you use less often and a clothes rack to hang whatever you use most, meaning you'll be able to access as well as store them easily. In addition, you could also introduce a small shoe rack to organise your shoes.  

This will all help you keep this space much more organised and visually appealing, without clothes racks crammed with garments. It will also be much more practical for everyday life. 

Create harmony in the bathroom 

The bathroom tends to be a small, damp room, and often the scene of morning chaos that slows you down and complicates the rest of the day. However, when it's organised well, it can be a fantastic space to relax, like a home spa.  

To achieve this, combine shelves, attractive baskets and robust boxes to store everything you need. Ideally, you'll have the products you use most often to hand, and in the highest spaces, you'll store whatever you use least. For example, the first-aid kit.

Hanging baskets like NORDRANA are ideal for organising small bathroom items attractively. We recommend that you use each section for products with the same purpose, so that they are much easier to find when you need them. For example, on top you could put combs and brushes, in the middle hair ties, clips and other hair accessories, and in the bottom your everyday makeup and creams.   

Individual baskets or boxes will also be useful for properly organising the largest items you put on the shelf. Thanks to these storage systems, you'll save space and time. What are you waiting for? Try it out!  

Bring peace back to your bedroom 

Let's be realistic, even though you try to break the habit of leaving clothes outside your wardrobe, it's not that simple. And when clothes have been worn, even though you can wear them again, it's less than ideal to mix them with recently washed clothes. However, it's one thing to not put them away, and it's another to leave them thrown about the floor or on the furniture, making everything look chaotic and unkempt. 

The solution? Use block-out roller blind that hides the clothes hooks. You can even customise it by painting it, so that it adds a decorative touch to your room.   

The goal is to create an environment full of tranquillity in your bedroom. This is the room where you rest and regain strength for the day ahead, so it's essential to avoid anything that may get in your way.   

Make your kitchen tasks easier 

The more you like to cook, the more spice jars, herbs, vinegar and oil you accumulate on the shelves. It's certainly not fun when the jars fall and break each time you try to grab what you need (which, curiously, is usually the one that tends to fall).  

If this sounds familiar, the best thing you can do is to sort your products in plastic boxes by type. Storing them together will allow you to find them and get them out much faster, without losing any along the way.  

For other foods, such as legumes, pasta or rice, you could use transparent glass jars. Both solutions will make the task of cooking easier and will allow you to enjoy it much more as you go along. What's more, having everything in its place will help you consume more responsibly, because you'll use what you need and won't buy more than necessary. 

Tidy up the living room 

The strange thing about living room or dining room cabinets is that normally you want to display things in them, rather than store them. The positive side of display cases or cabinets with glass doors is that they require you, to a certain degree, to keep everything much more organised because you want everything to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  

One tip is to dedicate time to displaying the objects you want to be visible in an orderly and attractive manner in order to achieve the best result. You could change the layout of the objects from time to time to mix things up and create a different effect. Why not give it a try? 

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