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Lunch ideas to take to work: no more excuses

Taking your own food to work is a good habit for many reasons. For example, you can save money and make healthier recipes. But how can you do so without making excuses? 

Lunch ideas to take to work
Lunch ideas to take to work

A full menu in a single container

Eating well in the office is possible. Grabbing a snack, a sandwich or fast food every day isn't healthy or necessary. There are plenty of easy and simple recipes that you can make at home with barely any effort!

First prepare a lunch box with separators, which is perfect for packing a nutritionally complete meal: fill one compartment with a salad or some sautéed vegetables; fill another with protein, such as chicken breast or grilled steak; and fill the last with some carbohydrates, such as pasta, legumes or rice.

This way you won't go overboard with your portion sizes and you'll have a healthier meal!

Mason jar salads

A glass jar can be the perfect container for taking food to work. Not only are they a sustainable way to recycle your empty jars, mason jar salads are also in style! Why not try this recipe?

You'll need:

  • Black rice
  • Some fresh spinach
  • A handful of sweetcorn
  • 5 or 6 cherry tomatoes
  • Some rocket or lamb's lettuce
  • A small handful of green olives
  • A few cubes of feta cheese

Make leftovers an appetising dish!

When laziness overcomes you and you don't feel like cooking, you can opt for a container of leftovers or some soup from the freezer. To avoid feeling down when you see the look of your meal the next day, give it a touch of colour and flavour with some fresh spices or herbs. They will add a delicious, gourmet dimension to any dish.

Cook once for the whole week!

Prepare your weekly menu in advance so you can't say that you don't have time to cook.

Use a small part of your weekend to prepare meals that require cooking time. Then you can freeze some portions or keep them in the fridge for the first few days. This way, you'll make your midday meals more sustainable and save money. For example, you can make rice, legumes or vegetables such as beans, cabbage, or broccoli, or even soups such as cream of courgette.

Organisation saves time!

Did you know that almost half of all Spaniards lose something at home at least once a week?

As already mentioned, organisation is essential so that you don't waste time searching for things when you need them.

The food container cupboard is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to organising your home, and it may just be your favourite excuse not to prepare your own food.

One simple recommendation is storing your containers in a low drawer or cupboard with a special lid organiser, such as VAVIERA.

You'll have everything at hand and ready to use!

Think of a practical system for taking food to work. As simple as it may seem, the morning rush can make you forget to take your lunch out of the fridge.

If you are a forgetful person, you can leave your food bag on the rack next to your coat or put a note next to the door or on the fridge.

Better yet, get inspired by "advertising" the star dish you made (or even create a menu for the entire following week) on your social media accounts!