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Tips for saving paper at home

Saving paper at home is one of the best habits for a sustainable household. These are just a few small tips to help us be a little more aware of how much single-use paper we throw away, when its life and usefulness could be significantly extended.

Take a look at these helpful tips to easily save paper at home, with ideas from the most obvious to the most creative. Not only will you help the environment and make your home more sustainable, you’ll also save a lot!

Avoid printing unnecessary documents

While the younger generations are happy looking at everything on a screen, the truth is that many people still tend to print documents to “see them better” or more conveniently. Well this habit might have to change if you want to save paper at home.

Before printing anything, ask yourself if you really need it. We often print documents that we barely end up reading once. Remember that on a computer you also have options like underlining sentences and other ways of highlighting text that will make your life easier. Plus, you can search for keywords in the document or add comments.

Do you need to sign the document? You can also do this digitally, instead of printing the document and then scanning it. You’ll save an incredible amount of paper!

Reuse gift wrap


How many times have you opened a gift, crumpled the paper into a ball and thrown it away? There is really great gift wrap that can be used multiple times. And, as well as the obvious option of using it to wrap more gifts, you can also reuse it in many other ways:

  • Coasters: you’ll just need a piece of cork or wood, some nice gift wrap and some plastic lining.
  • Covering books: this will keep the cover from getting damaged, especially with the kids’ textbooks in the house.
  • Reuse gift bags for other tasks: as a bread bag, a filer or a basket for other documents.
  • If the gift wrap features a nice, large drawing, you could frame it to decorate a room. Even children’s gift wrap with their favourite drawings can be great to frame and decorate their room.
  • The simplest idea? Cut it into a thousand tiny pieces and use it as confetti for your next soirée.

Paper: give it new and more creative uses


If you like crafts, there’s a lot you can do with used paper. Or, if you’re something of a handyman, how would you like a space where all your materials can stay organised? We suggest a trolley like this one, which you can use to keep things organised in different baskets, boxes or file organisers.

This idea takes used paper to make origami boats and birds. By the way, origami is a Chinese word made up of two words: Ori, which means to fold, and Kami which means paper or god. Did you know that?

Saving paper at home can be an act of creativity!

A box of waste paper to work with


Working at home or at the office, we often end up with a recycling bin full of paper. If the paper’s being recycled, then great! But maybe you could reuse some of that paper that you threw away?

Whether at home or in the office, we suggest using a box for your papers. This way, you can save paper that has only been used on one side or in a specific area to be reused as draft paper, to take notes or simply for creative sketches.

Reduce paper consumption in the kitchen


Another area where we use a lot of paper is in the kitchen. How many times have you spilled liquid or seen crumbs on the counter and reached for the napkins or paper towel? Well, another way to save paper at home is to replace this habit with a much more sustainable one: using cloths and kitchen towels.

Drying your hands with a hand towel, cleaning surfaces with a reusable cloth, cleaning up crumbs with a specific implement or your hands – these are small actions that become habits to save and be more sustainable.

If you want more ideas on saving and sustainability, check out:

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