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Simple Christmas decorations for beautiful, affordable decor

This year, we may have to celebrate Christmas somewhat differently from what we're used to. However, no home should go without that magical Christmas touch that always brings us so much cheer.

Make sure that you check out this selection of decorations so you can add festive Christmas cheer to your living room and make your house look wonderful without breaking the bank.  

Decorative Christmas lights

The charm of any Christmas decoration, however affordable, always lies in Christmas lights. In order to decorate your home without spending a fortune, you might want to focus on small touches like this.  

Beyond traditional lights, such as LED string lights and even Christmas candles, we also have decorative lamps, which are a great alternative for creating mood lighting and are inevitably loved by the little ones due to their fun shapes. 

The SOLBO lamp, for example, emits a soft light that won't bother your eyes. The owl-shaped lamp is perfect to complete the festive vibe as a kids' lamp for a small nature lover's bedroom. What do you think? It's a great way of making a purchase a little more practical, like a 2-in-1. 

A simple Christmas tree

You may already have a Christmas tree at home, but if not, don't worry, you don't have to give it up. At IKEA, we have a wide variety of trees as part of the VINTER 2020 collection, so you can have your own Christmas tree at a price to suit any budget.  

Biggest isn't always best when it comes to trees. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a tree like this one. Playing around with Christmas decorations and adding the finishing touch with a strip of LED Christmas lights will always give you that iconic feel that is so characteristic of this time of year without having to spend big.

Want to see all the alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree? Click the button below to discover all our options.  

The classic Christmas balls

Is anything more Christmassy than magical Christmas balls? Although various different decorations have been created for Christmas trees, the fact is that we always go back to traditional balls. And it's because they're so beautiful, even when they're simply a solid colour, like these. Do you like them?

As they're a very affordable accessory, it comes as no surprise that we've included these in our low-cost Christmas decorations. What's more, they're not limited to decorating just Christmas trees. Did you know they can be used to decorate other areas?

For example, we're going to decorate this chair for dinner or a family meal so everyone has a special seat. All you need is to do is take a long piece of ribbon, decorate it with some Christmas balls and add a label with the name of the person you want to sit there. If you like this idea, you can use the same technique to create a string of Christmas balls to decorate a piece of furniture or a wall.  

And if you want your Christmas decorations to be even more unique and help you save a little extra money, why not try making them yourself? This year could be a good opportunity to make a few Christmas decorations from recycled materials: a sustainable, affordable and super fun option!  

The final effect: simple and beautiful Christmas decorations

With these little details, we've created a simple and delightful Christmas atmosphere throughout the living room on the smallest of budgets. As promised, we've only used a few Christmas decorations in the room, but the festive and cosy atmosphere is truly radiant. How do you feel about the look of this Christmas decor?

Now that we have the basics ready, it's time to set the table, prepare your star dishes to amaze your guests, turn on some ambient music and, best of all, enjoy great company surrounded by the people you love most.  

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