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A small apartment for a family of five

We know that square metres are important, but equally important in a small apartment is how we make use of the space. You have a large family? Come with us!

Mother and daughter playing on a bed
Mother and daughter playing on a bed

A home is a home, regardless of how many square metres it occupies. A small apartment is also a home, even if several people live there. And it can be cosy and comfortable, with space to spare for storage if we know how to use it to its full advantage. We’re going to go around an apartment for a family of five making it into a colourful, fun, modern, contemporary home, using smart solutions to meet the requirements of the whole family. To do that, we use adaptable furniture, rooms that are hidden within another room, smart storage solutions... But it’s best if we don’t reveal too much: see for yourself!

Places to dream hidden between the cupboards.

Storage is a fundamental consideration in a small apartment. But it is also essential to create pleasant nooks that are not entirely for storage. In this master bedroom, we combine two concepts and use furniture from the PLATSA collection to create a reading corner for the youngest member of the family, as well as a space where mum can get ready and put on her make-up.

Space for all this can be found among the differently-sized PLATSA wardrobes that help us to store an extraordinary quantity of clothing and other things in this little flat.

Small apartment, shared spaces

The second bedroom of this small family flat is the children’s room. It is divided into two halves, but not by walls... instead, by colours! When square metres are conspicuous by their absence, you still have plenty of walls. In this case, two desks have been paced together, forming a perfect tandem in which both children have their own space.

In addition, in this bedroom, we have placed the ingenious SLÄKT bed: a pull-out bed ideal for siblings, or for when their friends come for a sleepover. The bed also has drawers for storing toys, pyjamas, clothes... everything!

Do you want to know how to put toys away as quick as a flash?

We want the routine of every member of the family to fit in with the others. How? All the shared areas of this small apartment are flexible. In fact, the FOTTEBO sofa bed has storage space inside and can also be used as a guest bed.

Stylish storage in a small apartment

Whoever said that having a small flat meant sacrificing style in favour of storage? Why not combine style and genuine usefulness in a small home for a large family?

Patterns, prints and bright colours throughout the apartment add a dynamic, fun twist to this small apartment. And of course you can always opt to personalise your IKEA furniture to give it a different and unique style. Did you know that this attractive piece of furniture is actually a combination of several METOD kitchen cupboards?

Moreover, in the kitchen, we have used KUNGSFORS rails and low shelving to make it easy to reach all the things used every day. We’ve added a GRUNDTAL trolley to make laying the table quick and easy.

A small bathroom with space for everything

In this small bathroom we decided to fit in every possible useful feature while avoiding unnecessary crowding.

In fact, although the area of the room is small, it can accommodate all five family members with no problem (on a typical morning when everyone’s in a rush). This is thanks to a double wash basin, the extra NORRÅKER bench, and the wall hooks - and there is still plenty of storage space for everyone’s stuff.

Another extra: another mirror (in this case under the window) helps in the mornings when the bathroom is “full up” much more quickly.

A small apartment with versatile corners

In the bathroom we also find an area for laundry, something really important for such a large family.

Here, the laundry area is a versatile system of shelves, clotheslines and baskets. Think how having everything within easy reach encourages children to be helpful and put their dirty washing in the right place.

There is also an extra space above the washing machine for folding and sorting clothes. All the cleaning products and washing powders are on the top shelf, out of the reach of children.

The key to living in a small flat: design your home to suit you

A family of five has lots and lots of stuff - we know that. But you can see how thoughtfully-placed, versatile storage solutions, dual-purpose furniture and making the best possible use of every corner of the home enables us to squeeze in an unbelievable amount.
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