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10 children's games for passing the time without technology

With so many days ahead, video games and television are not enough to kill the time and enjoy some family time together.  
Would you like a list of children's games that don't depend on any kind of technology? Go offline together and have a great time! There are games for all ages and tastes.

1- What did you say?

In many homes, it's known as "telephone", or "the broken telephone game". Whatever you call it, what's certain is that this game is hilarious.  

Gather in a circle. One person must think of a word or phrase and whisper it (just once) in the ear of the person next to them. That person will then have to repeat what they have understood (whatever that may be) to the next person. The last in the chain will have to say the message that they received out loud. You'll see how messages get transformed. You won't be able to stop laughing!   


2- Riddles 

Riddles have always been a part of life, and besides being entertaining, they also exercise your brain. If you don't know many, each person can look up a few and make their own list beforehand. You can make a challenge to do a riddle a day and collect points throughout the week. Who is the sharpest person in the house?   

3- Animated Stories 

Everyone likes a good story, so how about a lively evening of storytelling?  
Let's set the scene. Turn off the lights in the room and place some torches inside a plastic bag pointing upwards to create a homemade lamp. Sit around it, as if it were a campfire, and each person tells a story that they either make up or have taken from their favourite children's story. It will be much more fun if you prepare some accessories that give an added touch to your stories: a cape for the super hero, a sword for the fearless warrior, a key to open the magical portal…  

Were these performance and storytelling activities a hit? Create a puppet theatre and try out this beautiful and fun hobby in a very original way. Find out how in this article:

4- Shadow puppet shows. 

Mime games are great entertainment and bring out our most imaginative side. You can use shadows to represent the scenes of your favourite films. We know what you're thinking – it sounds great, but how do you do that without a screen? Simple. 
To act out films with shadow puppets, you just need: a light-coloured sheet (white works best), a long stick (like a mop or broom), clothes pegs, a work lamp and voilà!  
Hold one of the long ends of the sheet around the stick using the clothes pegs and hang it. If you have a double door, you can place each end on one of the open doors, so it looks like a curtain or a cinema screen. Now, place a work lamp behind it, pointing directly towards the sheet. And there you have it! Take turns to act out the film you've chosen using gestures and sounds. The others will have to guess what it is from the other side of the sheet.  
Tip: set aside a box of accessories to help you, such as a blanket (for capes, skirts, etc.), a hat or cap, an umbrella (for magic wands, swords, etc.), a doll and so on. This will help you to bring your characters to life. 

5- Board games 

The classic of the classics. Board games and card games are a must-have in every home. There's always a perfect game for each type of person: buildings and properties, words, strategy and so on. Dust them off and embrace a good board, the dice, the chips and all the accessories of a good board game.   

Don't have any at home or sick of the ones you do have? Download this "Star Challenges" game and enjoy exciting new challenges with the whole family. Just click on the button below, cut out the pieces and board, and play! As someone once said, have fun!

6- Family karaoke 

Pains are softened by song. Show your most artistic side and sing your favourite tunes. Do you dare add the instrumental part too? Shake pans, flutes and any object that makes a sound and groove to the beat of the afternoon. Assemble an entire music group.  
When you have rehearsed enough, who knows... maybe you can make an exception to the "zero technology" rule and record your first family single on your phone. This is sure to keep you laughing! In addition, it will be immortalised in your collective memories. 

7- Who am I? 

Grab a paper and pencil and write a word (ideally in capital letters so you can see it as clearly as possible). It could be the name of a fictional character, a famous person, an object, a food… whatever comes to mind.  
Now take the paper and pass it to the person next to you, face down. Take your new piece of paper (without looking at what is says) and show it to the others.  
Take turns to ask "yes" or "no" questions and guess who or what you are. If your answer is yes, you can keep asking. If your answer is no, it's the next player's turn. Good luck! 

8- I-spy 

This is a great game for practising the alphabet with the youngest members of the family. It will improve your concentration so why not give it a try? It's the perfect excuse to get to know the smaller details of your home in depth. 

If you want to add a different touch to this game and you already know it perfectly, try out the following: everyone bar one person leaves the room. Hide an object (whatever you want) or move an object to a new place. Now let the other people back in. Can they spot the difference? 

9- What can it be?

Playing using your senses is great, but what if you play with only one of them? What would happen? Put any object you want in a bag or cardboard box. Blindfold one person, and using only their hands they have to guess what the object is. You could put in a cuddly toy, the remote control of the TV, or if you want to be a bit mischievous, something a little more slimy such as yoghurt or jelly (the last thing they would be expecting). Play with textures. 


10- Treasure hunt 

Your home becomes an enchanted island, full of adventures, dangers and an abundance of hidden treasures. How do you find them? Map out the key areas of the home and mark where the treasures of this new land are hidden. You can play using puzzles, riddles and at the end, the grand treasure. Who knows… it could be a delicious chocolate cake?  

We hope that these ideas will help you to have a great time and have fun with family and friends. If you liked this article and want more ideas of things to do at home with your children during the lockdown, make sure that you read the following article:

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