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Sell your furniture

Decide which piece of IKEA furniture you no longer need, and we’ll buy it back from you.

Find out how to do it.

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What you can sell

The following items of IKEA furniture, whether they are in stock or not: drawer units, tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, shelving and cupboards.

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What you cannot sell

Items of furniture that are not from IKEA, or items that, although they are from IKEA, are not drawer units, tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, shelving or cupboards.

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The item of furniture must be from IKEA, it must not have been modified and it must be assembled. The purchase receipt is not required.

We are working to offer you a better experience. Sell your furniture will be available on next weeks. Sorry for the inconveniences

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1. Complete the form

You must complete this form giving your personal contact details, information about the furniture item you wish to sell (attaching four photographs) and indicating which store you would like to drop the item off at.

A group of people talking to an IKEA worker.

2. Receive an offer from IKEA

An expert from IKEA will value your item. Then you’ll receive an email indicating whether IKEA wants to buy it and the valuation based on the current price.

Display of IKEA furniture

3. Drop off the piece of furniture at the store

If you accept the offer, you must bring the piece of furniture to the store. If the furniture is not assembled, you will be provided with the tools to enable you to assemble the furniture at the store.

IKEA gift card

4. Receive your payment

An IKEA expert will check that the item of furniture matches the photographs you provided. In exchange, you’ll receive an IKEA gift card to the value agreed in the offer.

Two men trying out IKEA armchairs

5. Your furniture goes on sale

Your furniture will go on sale in our Bargain Section at the price we paid you for it.