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FINSMAKARE series – for food and design aficionados

The clean, modern design of the award-winning FINSMAKARE series is combined with clever functions that’ll make cooking (and cleaning up!) a breeze.

See the FINSMAKARE series
A white kitchen with two FINSMAKARE appliances, a bowl of salad is on the worktop next to potted plants and condiments.
See the FINSMAKARE series

Microwave combi ovens – the best of both worlds

Our combination microwave ovens can help you heat up food in no time, or slow cook it until it’s tender, while at the same time freeing up precious kitchen space.

Integrated IKEA dishwasher in white modern kitchen that is open, showing clean plates and cups.

A fully loaded dishwasher on ‘eco’ programme uses less water that you would when you do the dishes by hand.


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