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A “store in style” kind of living room

Make stylish use of every little nook and sit back, relax, and enjoy the view in an armchair that will live on for many years, both in comfort and in good looks.

EKET dark grey cabinet combination with legs and movable shelf, with a lamp on it and a window beside with a panoramic view.

A spacious cabinet with a simple and tasteful expression provides you with lots of hidden storage and a top surface where you can add personality with the help of your favourite table lamp and other decorative items.

EKET wall-mounted shelving units in various colours, above a lamp on a table and a window with a panoramic, outdoors view.

When the living room space is limited, remember that you can make use of your walls when it comes to storage. EKET wall-mounted shelving units come in many colours, sizes and depths, so it’s easy to create a personalised storage combination!

A footstool, an extra seat, and close at hand storage when relaxing – GAMLEHULT can be useful in endless ways while the rattan material brings a bit of nature into your living room.

Have a little privacy in your living room, without darkening it completely, with HOPPVALS cellular blind. It helps you keep warm too because its honeycomb structure creates a layer of insulation!

Sit back and relax in a soft leather armchair that has a timeless design that can live on for many years thanks to its hard-wearing material.