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A hallway that helps you get ready

Vertical clothes hangers and flexible storage can help you enjoy smoother mornings. You’ll put a stop to the stressful search parties. And feel prepared for the day ahead.

A narrow hallway with two PLOGA vertical clothes hangers, two PERJOHAN benches with storage, and SKOSTALL​ shoe organisers.
A HAJMAL snack bag with an apple and LÄTTUGGAD snack containers stacked and ready to take to school or work.
A PLOGA vertical clothes hanger on a hallway wall. A beige coat and a KUNGSFORS net bag are hanging on it.
A black VÄRLDENS backpack hanging up in a hallway. In the backpack’s side pocket is an IKEA 365+ water bottle.
Three SKOSTALL shoe organisers are on the floor of a hallway. One organiser contains a pair or trainers.

Easy organisation with hooks

Looking for a simple, budget-friendly way to get clothes, hats and bags organised? And if you have a lot to store, you can just add another hanger or rack.

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A white TJUSIG hanger with a jacket hanging from it is attached to a wall near a FREBRO mirror which reflects its image.
A white wood-panelled hallway with HÖVOLM racks with 6 knobs holding hats, clothes and bags beside a black TOFTBYN mirror.
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A hallway that’s shoe-storage friendly

Even if your hallway is on the small side, it’s easy to make your shoes feel at home with our range of shoe storage cabinets. Our modern and traditional styles connect with lots of different looks, and help to keep your hallway as sleek-looking and smooth-running as possible.

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White TRONES shoe cabinets mounted on a white wall, with an umbrella and a wall-clock to the side and a shlef above.
Two white HEMNES shoe cabinets with 2 compartments in a hallway with a black floor that has a black and white rug on it.
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Storage series and systems for a coordinated look in your hallway

You can choose furniture from a series or system so that your storage matches.

BOAXEL system – Open storage that’s easy to adapt to your needs
IVAR system – Solid wood shelving and more for most areas of your home
PLATSA system – Flexible, modular storage that makes the most of any space
PAX system – Personal storage where you can choose exactly what you want
JONAXEL system – Open for easy access, at prices that are easy on your budget


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Calming storage that hides your shoes

A calm, clutter-free hallway is easy with storage you can close, like these BISSA shoe cabinets. Plus, they don’t take up much floor space but they can hold a lot of shoes – eight pairs at least.

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A SKÅDIS pegboard and red clock above two white BISSA shoe cabinets, one has a drawer open showing yellow and pink trainers.
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Ready for spring with your own personal storage

Looking for storage that really suits your space? Why not create your own by combining units from a storage system – like these metal shelving units from the OMAR system?

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OMAR shelving units stand in a nook in a hallway under TROFAST wall storage and a MULIG clothes bar with hanging clothes.
OMAR shelving units holding shoes and a football are in a nook with wall-mounted TROFAST wall storage and hanging clothes.
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Storage that’s as hard-working as you

Having a light-bulb moment? It’s easy to transform your hallway into an instant workspace with this combination from the solid pine IVAR storage system.

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An IVAR storage unit consisting of two sections, one of which has a foldable table, stands in a hallway.
An IVAR storage unit consisting of two sections stands in a hallway. One section has a foldable table which is set up.
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Storage you can sit on, too

Too much to store in your hallway and not enough space? Storage that takes care of your outdoor stuff keeps things tidy and clutter-free. And it’s even better if everyone can sit when they put their shoes on, too.

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A HEMNES bench with shoe storage holding shoes and a bag stands in a hallway with children’s clothing hanging beside it.
A PINNIG coat rack and shoe bench against a wall holding a coat, baskets and shoes. Two round mirrors are on the wall.
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