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Keeping a cool blue tween bedroom

Sleep, study and socialise in a small space your preteen can call their own. A single SLÄKT bed comes with tons of storage for clothes and tech, while SKÅDIS pegboards and PLATSA modular wardrobes can be arranged in any way to fit their needs.

Customise a clothes storage solution with PLATSA units: keep some clothes folded behind closed doors, and display the rest on a clothing rail. To keep laundry from taking over the room, keep everything related to clothes in one place: wardrobe, basket, mirror, and some knobs for bags and backpacks.

When placed by the bed, SKÅDIS can become a hanging bedside table. Peg on a few shelves and containers to store art supplies and showcase the latest doodles, or hang a couple of hats and accessories to easily grab and go.

Studying can be hard, we get it, and that’s why it is important to have functional lighting and a clean space. When natural light fades, just turn on a reading lamp like JANSJÖ. Keep a clutter-free desk by having a shelf on top to store books and stationary.

Close-up of an IKEA SLÄKT bed, with blue striped bed linen, with one of four drawers pulled out to reveal books and headphones.

There are endless ways you can use the drawers in SLÄKT: one drawer can be a little ‘night stand’ when rolled out, with all the essentials. Drawers can also store books for late night reads, tech and more. Or just store clothes. That, too!

After a long day of studying, switch on a couple of wall lamps to unwind before bed. Having one positioned on both sides of the bed helps spread an even amount of warm, soothing light.