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A small shared bedroom with big ideas

When two siblings share the same interest, they can turn a small bedroom into a creative hub for DIY projects and use their furniture in different ways. They might have to share a bunk bed — but in the end, they can devote more space (and time) to their craft.

Bunk beds aren’t just for sleeping; during the day, transform the lower bunk into a sofa. Pull up a stool, use it as a side table, set down your drink and enjoy! For extra comfort, you can tie up chair pads on a FINTORP rail and use them for a more ‘living room’ feeling.

Two rattan IKEA RÖMSKOG bed storage boxes, pulled out from under the bottom of a bunk bed, containing clothes.

Need more storage space for clothes and sewing projects? Just look down! There is plenty of room underneath the bed for storage boxes, one for each sibling. Skip the rugs so you can easily slide the boxes in and out.

When children grow out of dolls, use their house for other opportunities. FLISAT dollhouse can be reused as a storage unit to display treasures and favourite items.

IKEA EIDSÅ square glass mirror and ÅRSTID nickel-plated wall lamp mounted close together to create a getting ready station.

A bunk bed conserves space and allows extra room for other activities, like this small hair station. A mirror, lamp and rail to hang hair supplies and bags makes it easy to grab, go, and get ready in the morning.

This shared bedroom is devoted to DIY projects — you can tell just by seeing how HEAT pot stands are used to create a cork bulletin board. And a small drawer unit is squeezed in beside the desk to hold supplies.