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We want all our wool to be responsibly sourced

We’re on a journey to only using responsibly sourced wool. We will do this by sourcing wool which follows the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) or equivalent schemes’ guidelines, meaning that the wool comes from sheep that are treated well, and land that is managed responsibly.

A flock of unshorn sheep gracing a field on a sunny day. There are trees, a mountain and a cloud in the background.

How will we do this?

To ensure that the wool we use is sourced in a responsible way, we need to work to secure full traceability of the wool used in our supply chain. That means we will need to know where all our wool comes from, so that we can support positive animal welfare throughout the entire wool value chain.

Reasons to choose wool

  • Wool is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable
  • Wool is a natural, durable and strong material
  • Wool ages beautifully and is resistant to stains
  • Wool is highly thermal and breathable
  • Wool dyes easily, so we can create many beautiful and varied design styles for you to choose from
A very woolly sheep with a yellow ear tag.
Wool is an awesome product because the sheep produce it naturally, and it’s the ultimate sustainability because they just keep growing it.

Paul SmithFarm Manager in New Zealand

Making responsibly sourced wool available for everyone

We are committed to using 100% responsibly sourced wool by the end of 2025. But that’s not enough. Rafael Elizondo, Responsible Sourcing Leader at IKEA says “We want others to join us in transforming the wool industry. We want to make responsibly sourced wool affordable for as many customers as possible”.

A close up of a pile of shorn wool clearly showing the tufts and fibres.
A VAMDRUP rug in shades of white, blue and brown, rolled up standing on its end leaning against a pile of timber.

    Trust in natural materials

    We love our range of natural materials, and so do our customers. Being a durable, natural and strong material, wool is perfect for a wide range of products like throws, cushions and rugs.

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    Respect – in every step of the way

    Throughout our value chain, IKEA Suppliers work with strict requirements to protect not only the planet but also the people working in the industries that create our products. These requirements apply regardless of the location or industry involved.

    A man wearing a black t-shirt and yellow apron hanging bright yellow, newly dyed cotton outside to dry.

    Conscious comfort

    Wool adds a welcoming warmth to any home. And the knowledge that it’s been responsibly sourced can even add a little extra peace of mind.

    SVÄRDBORG rug on a light timber floor.
      A person sitting on a sofa, drinking a cup of coffee or tea with ULLTISTEL throw draped over their knees.

        Follow the journey

        See how the wool from sheep in New Zealand is shipped to India to be transformed into beautiful rugs, before ending up in your IKEA store – and maybe in your home.