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Easy ways to refresh your living room with textiles

New textiles can give your living room a whole new look and feel. It’s a fun and quite effective way of creating an entirely different vibe – without that much effort at all. For instance, a decorative curtain on one of the walls can make a huge difference. Not to mention what new sofa covers, cushions and rugs can do.

A beige LINANÄS sofa with various cushions on a light grey-green rug, in front of leaf patterned curtains hanging on a wall.
A beige LINANÄS sofa with various cushions on a light grey-green rug, in front of leaf patterned curtains hanging on a wall.

Wall curtain transformation

Covering one of your walls with curtains can give you a dramatic wallpaper effect. Why not choose something loud? It’s easy to change should you tire of it. Also, with a rail that turns the corner and continues in front of the windows, your new curtains can serve dual purposes.

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Dark green, leaf patterned TRÅGSPINNARE curtains hanging along a wall behind a beige sofa with various cushions and throws.
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A woman on a step ladder putting up grey-green SANELA curtains on VIDGA curtain rails above a window.

Do you want help to plan your curtains?

Here’s an easy-to-use tool for getting everything right when you’re hanging new curtains. The VIDGA planner guides you all the way so you don’t forget anything and get perfect results.

Sofa cushion expressionism

Cushions in decorative colours and patterns have a certain way of brightening your living room – almost like pieces of art. To get a well-balanced display, try starting with a boldly patterned hero cushion and complement with cushions in colours from the same palette.

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A black floor lamp beside a beige sofa with a cushion with a deep green/floral TUVSÄV cushion cover, plus other cushions.
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A person placing a cushion with a golden-yellow GURLI cushion cover among various other cushions on a beige LINANÄS sofa.
Try combining contrasting cushion patterns. And don’t forget the richness that different textures bring – velvet, linen, glossy, fuzzy and so on.

Manuela EngströmInterior Designer

A rug to set the scene

A large area rug can help define a clear zone within the room to make a group of furniture feel more connected. It also softens the acoustics nicely. Going with a one-coloured rug usually calms things down, just as texture always adds an extra dimension.

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A light grey-green BURVIK side table on a light grey-green SÖNDERÖD high pile rug, in front of a beige sofa with cushions.
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More ideas for what textiles can do