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Share the victory dance

It's finally Friday! Share your weekly wins – big and small – with a new dance that you have mastered this week. Send out your good vibes on social media and encourage others to share their wins too. Kick off the weekend with music, dance and a little bit of positivity!

Location: Bedroom
Time of day: Evening
Duration: 30 minutes

Experience the high of sharing your celebration.

A mother and her child set up a LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder, ready to record a video. The father dances in the background.
    A woman sets up a LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder on a trolley in the kitchen, ready to record a video.

      Ritual recipe

      Moving your body to music makes you feel energised and builds your confidence. And when we celebrate good things that happen to us, it boosts our optimism, mood and positive emotions. By sharing your happy moments on social media, you can connect with others and spread your good vibes. 


      • Make a list of good things that happened during the week, that you would like to share.
      • Choose the dance moves that best express your joy. Practice until you feel confident with them.
      • Find a spot at home with a cool background for your performance. Add some LEDBERG lighting strips to create a festive ambience.
      • Turn on your LÅNESPELARE ring light and push record on your phone. Start dancing, celebrating and sharing!

      Lights, camera, action!

      Set a festive mood for your performance with some LEDBERG lighting strips, put your phone in a LÅNESPELARE phone holder with light ring – and start sharing your victory dance.

      A mother and child dance in front of a smart phone in a LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder
        Hands attach a blue LEDBERG lighting strip to the legs of a table.
        A woman sets up a green LEDBERG lighting strip.
        A hand picks up an ENEBY portable speaker.
        A note board with a big note that says: Celebrate every little victory.