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Fika between floors

“Fika” is a popular daily practice for Swedes: a cup of coffee, a sweet baked treat and a good friend – everything you need to enjoy the moment. Invite the neighbours in your building to a monthly fika on the communal staircase. Bring something yummy to share and enjoy watching your community grow.

Location: Staircase
Time of day: Afternoon
Duration: 3 hours

Engage with your neighbours for a communal fika.

A group of neighbours are having coffee in FÄRGRIK mugs, in the staircase of an apartment building.
    A group of neighbours are having cake and coffee in FÄRGRIK mugs in the staircase of an apartment building.

      Ritual recipe

      Meeting your neighbours in a common area improves a sense of togetherness and promotes everyone’s respect for the shared space. Sharing drinks and food is a nice  way to connect across families and generations – no matter how small or simple it might be.


      • Choose a day every month to enjoy fika with your neighbours.
      • Prepare a HÄLSA steel vacuum flask of hot coffee. Put pastries and cookies in small OFTAST bowls that are easy to pass around the staircase.
      • Place the bowls on a FRAMKALLA tray with extra FÄRGRIK mugs for sharing.
      • Meet on the staircase to welcome new families and enjoy the company of neighbours you already know.

      Bring the party to the stairs

      With some hot coffee in a HÄLSA steel vacuum flask, home baked cake on a FRAMKALLA tray, and some GIFFLAR KANEL cinnamon rolls and chocolate balls for the kids, the neighbourly fika is officially on.

      Hands pouring hot coffee into a HÄLSA steel vacuum flask.
        A child snacks on some GIFFLAR KANEL cinnamon rolls.
        A smiling woman drinks coffee from a FÄRGRIK mug.
        A man’s hand offers a child an OFTAST bowl with chocolate balls.
        A woman carries a baked cake on a FRAMKALLA tray.