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How to save energy and make your home warmer

It's that time of year when we are thinking a lot about insulating our home, energy efficiency and energy saving. We've assembled several pieces of advice which are easy to follow and affordable to implement so making your home warmer on a budget will be a quick and enjoyable fix.

Did you know ? An electrical device consumes electricity even when it is on standby. ​

To avoid unnecessary expenses, opt for a power strip with switch. Like that, you power several devices at the same time and with your fingertips you turn them all off.

Curtains and blinds against draughts

It's time to say bye-bye to draughts! There are several ways to get rid of them. Start with your front door and make your own drought excluder: a thick textile in front of a door blocks the draught and keeps the heat indoors. And what about windows? Closing your curtains and blinds at dusk will help prevent the heat from escaping. See more tips below!

Consume less water

Water is a precious resource and in many places water scarcity is a problem. Fortunately, our taps and showers can let you do all the rinsing and cleaning you need, while cutting down on your water usage.

See tips to save water