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Toy storage solutions for tots

Tackle toy storage in a smarter way: bit by bit, and group by group. Parents and kids can work together to make clean-up in a children’s room easy (and fun!) with the right kind of shelves, storage units and organisation tips.

Some children love to play dress up. Store their outfits in plastic bins, and mount a knob rack to hang jewelry, accessories or their favourite costumes. Place a mirror close to the dress-up corner so children can practice getting into character.

Create a dedicated play area in your children’s room for craft activities. They can bring a bin to the table; but if they want to draw elsewhere, they can always bring the bin with them. This allows children to move around with their toys and create fluid play areas (since that’s how they play!)

If your child is an artist, why not show off their creations? Create your own “gallery” by arranging a few frames on the wall. Use two different coloured frames to make the collection pop and accent your walls.