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Enliven your look with bathroom textiles and storage add-ons

Modernise your bathroom with the traditional IKEA SILVERÅN series, from white panelled cabinet doors to slim closets to even small space storage benches.

Streamline your morning routine with a combination of closed and open storage. As for style? Subtle stripes from cabinet doors — and not-so subtle ones from shower curtains bring this bathroom to life.

IKEA VOXNAN glass shelf has fine details like hidden screws, chrome finish and tempered glass that is extra resistant to heat and heavy loads.

Turn hectic moments in the bathroom into perfect harmony. A glass shelf above your sink can give you extra counterspace and room to place skincare, soap and other essentials.

IKEA VADSJÖN dark grey striped shower curtain turns into a solid dark grey colour at the bottom. Its densely woven polyester fabric is water-repellent.

No rails or room for drying racks? Hang hooks by the shower to hold your towels instead. As for bathroom style, your shower curtain can help express your personality.

Keep bathroom towels and other shower items inside the storage compartment of the IKEA SILVERÅN white storage bench. Lay clothes on top.

Take a seat on a secret storage compartment; there’s plenty of room inside the bench to organise towels and other bathroom accessories. It’s small, compact and a smart solution if you are short on space.