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How to compose a pattern symphony

Patterns on walls and textiles are useful deco elements when it comes to expressing your personal style. But even if each pattern looks great on its own, combining them can be tricky. Read on to get tips on how to choose patterns that will work with the rest of your things, and how to mix them to achieve the look you want.

What pattern size are you?

All the dots, florals, geometrics, plaids and stripes here are of the same general size and boldness, because similar scale patterns work well together.

Add life to a room by playing with patterns. Mix and match and see if you like the look – it’s your home and you decide what works.

How to balance bold patterns

A wonderfully bold mix of patterns can be balanced by a consistent neutral base: all the furniture in the room is natural coloured pine, rattan and bamboo.

The colour palette ties it all together

Patterns that share the same colour palette, or have at least one consistent colour across all patterns, always look good together.