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Home visit: Five fresh bedroom updates for spring

You don’t have to go all-in to give your bedroom a new look and feel. Take a look at the easy ideas below and decide to do one, try a few, or do them all. Everything is easy and wallet-friendly!

A white, metal framed bed with green bedding, plain and patterned in a room decorated with plants and art.
A white, metal framed bed with green bedding, plain and patterned in a room decorated with plants and art.

Refresh your bedding

Your bed is a blank canvas and bedding is the easy way to create a sleep masterpiece. Use colour and pattern for a quick, impactful change (green is this season’s colour). And think about other textiles that boost your sleep. Does your duvet match your sleep temperature? Is your pillow suited to how you sleep? What fabric do you like against your skin? Linen or cotton? Put them all in the picture.

Sleep better with plants

“We wanted to add plants to our bedroom for their air purifying qualities,” says Cosima, who invited us to visit the apartment she shares with husband Mel where we worked together on this bedroom update. Plants said to be good for aiding sleep include aloe vera, snake plant, peace lily, spider plant and lavender.

Introduce mood lighting

However you want your bedroom to feel, lighting can help create the mood. And remember you don’t have to stick to just a light on the bedside table! Look at lights that clamp onto your bedhead, wall lights you can angle to direct light where you want it and light cords that mean you hang your lights low either side of the bed. Best tip? Get lights with a dimmer for the ultimate mood control.

We picked the hanging lights because they have a beautiful orange-yellow light you can dim right down. It’s nice to get into bed, dim the light and do our new nightly gratitude ritual, sharing what we’re grateful for that day.


Declutter your bedside

Streamline what you keep by your bedside. If making your bedroom a digital-free zone is part of your spring refresh, an alarm clock could be a new essential. Then match your essential items to your pre-sleep routine. Think practical, pretty and personal. Remember, what you have by your bed may be the last thing you see before you sleep. So make it nice.

Curate a personal display

Shelves are a great way to frame your display. “We’re minimalists. We hung the shelves because we wanted to add a display that would bring personality to the room, but not too much!” says Cosima. Try her tip and make the shelf brackets part of the display: “I turned one set of PERSHULT brackets upside down. It creates a K-shape. It’s a simple change that makes it a little more interesting.”

Treat your windows to new curtains

Swap heavy winter curtains for window hangings in lighter weight fabrics and colours that echo the optimistic feeling of the season. Spring mornings welcome the light in a little earlier so use curtains and blinds to control light levels in your bedroom and keep your sleep pattern undisturbed.

Our bedroom was quite a cold room. We wanted to give it a warmer feeling, to not be so clinical and all white.


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Made by
Interior designer: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
Art director: Jules Rogers
Writer: Helen Bazuaye