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Home visit: a space-smart children’s desk

Homework won’t feel like too much of a chore if kids have a workspace that feels right for them. Whether they have their own dedicated desk or not, help children to organise their very own study area.

A computer monitor on a desk with notepads, files and a lamp.
A computer monitor on a desk with notepads, files and a lamp.

An effective workspace needs to start with the basics – a sturdy work surface, work lamp and comfortable chair – one with adjustable height, that’s ergonomic and can be pushed under the desk when not in use. It’s hard to concentrate when things get messy, so encourage kids to keep their stationery tidy. If there’s not enough room for a storage unit, desktop organisers and trays make it easy to keep things neat.

David (9) is home-schooled so he shares his workspace with his parents in their tiny motorhome. The desk doubles as a dining table, so it’s important that it can be tidied and switched between uses easily. “It’s mostly Mum and Dad who teach me, but I have an online tutor too, then I get to see all my friends in our virtual classroom,” says David.

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