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Home visit: a modern live-work apartment

Two creative freelancers took on this traditional one-floor apartment for a total renovation. See how they made it theirs…

A modern and fresh living room decorated in white, black, and grey tones paired with natural wood.
A modern and fresh living room decorated in white, black, and grey tones paired with natural wood.

Make room for more living When space is limited, choose furniture that can multi-task. Stéphanie and Patricia changed their sofa from a three-seater to an L-shaped FRIHETEN sofabed. “It added storage underneath and extra space for when people come over,” says Stéphanie. Their nest of coffee tables also doubles as a low dining set-up to save on space.

Kitchen transformation When Stéphanie and Patricia moved in, the decor was blue and yellow, which wasn’t their style. They chose a neutral colour scheme for the living room and extended it into the kitchen, to blend everything together. “The rooms are divided by a partition, but only halfway across, so it still feels connected,” says Patricia.

Fuel for creativity Let your home office inspire your creative projects. “Our shared workspace is full of colourful visual inspiration. It’s mostly contained in this one room, so the calm of the other rooms provides a welcome relief and a better work/life balance,” says Patricia.

Lightweight living Streamline your space to help cut back on clutter. “Moving to a new place meant focusing on a new state of mind. Sticking to a simple colour scheme and having only a few key pieces of furniture encouraged us to get rid of things we no longer needed,” says Stéphanie.

How did you end up here?
“It’s our fourth time lucky! We’d always lived in rental apartments, then we found this place and it felt right. It’s a strange coincidence that all four places we’ve lived have been on the fourth floor. That explains the mural!”

Did the renovation turn out how you’d imagined?
“Our home really feels like ‘us’. We were both pretty headstrong when it came to decorating (owing to our creative jobs), so it wasn’t always easy to make decisions, but the modern look feels refreshing.”

How often do you work from home?
“Our week is split between time in agencies and at home. For us, it’s important to keep our work lives and our relationship separate, so we don’t work together. We try and alternate our days instead.”

How would you describe your personalities?
“Almost opposite. I’m the calm one, whereas Patricia is super lively,” says Stéphanie (left). “People say you can hear her before you can see her… But sometimes it’s fun to swap roles!”

Connecting rooms together

In Stéphanie and Patricia’s place, the main rooms lead from one to another in a functional flow. “Connecting rooms are very typical of Parisian apartments. It’s called ‘pièces en enfilade’, which roughly translates as ‘a series of rooms,’” says Stéphanie.

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Made by
Interior stylist: Abigail Edwards
Photographer: Nato Welton
Artwork in office photo: Dante Waner and Le Diamantaire
Artwork in bedroom: Mcbess