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Home visit: a home for nature and the whole family

For this creative couple, home is an open door – whether it’s to welcome back their grown-up children or invite nature inside. Make yourself at home at Anita and Stig’s place in Norway…

A large living room featuring blue velvet sofa, brown leather sofa and black leather armchairs, all facing a grey wood table.
A large living room featuring blue velvet sofa, brown leather sofa and black leather armchairs, all facing a grey wood table.

Special everyday moments “We’re lucky enough to have two living rooms, each with different uses. One is where we gather together to watch TV or a movie, and the other (the one with the velvet STOCKHOLM sofa) is where we spend most time as a family. It’s cosy and there’s no TV – all of the seating faces inwards instead, to encourage conversation,” says Anita.

Objects and textures have stories to tell. Smoothed concrete, worn leather and the roughness of wood all come together with new pieces.

Anita, Fredrikstad

A kitchen for many cooks A sociable kitchen, designed around a kitchen island, reflects Anita’s love for homecooked food. “If we have family or friends over, there can be four or five of us cooking at once,” says Anita. “The kitchen works in a flow, so while one person is cooking, one is chopping salad and someone else sets the table.”

First impressions The entrance hall is your first chance to show off your style – but making the space functional is equally important. Inside Anita’s front door, there’s an area to hang coats and bags, as well as an open storage unit displaying keepsakes, foraged objects and books. “I use displays to show the beautiful things I’ve collected,” says Anita. See more of her displays here.

Rest and recovery Designing spaces with physical and emotional wellbeing in mind has always been a priority for Anita. “I had brain surgery for a tumour 10 years ago. My life changed. I had to slow down and be more mindful,” says Anita. “For me, mindfulness is achieving aesthetic calm – especially in the rooms we sleep in.”

The joy of shared memories “We met at the school gates,” says Anita of her first meeting with Stig. “Our eldest children are the same age. I think we clicked because we’re both open, creative people. I’m a freelance garden/interior stylist and Stig is an art director.” After a year, the couple moved in together with their respective sons and daughter. “Bringing our two families together showed us how much we had to learn from each other – it was a special time,” says Stig.

Two become one Anita and Stig’s house is formed of two parts. On the ground floor, the original structure stands on the left side as it was 16 years ago when they moved in. The extension, on the right, was built in 2010 according to Anita’s designs and encompasses the hallway, home office, living and dining rooms. “We wanted the old part to feel different from the new, but for them to melt into each other in a beautiful way. We’ve been working on the house for many years – our spirit lives here.”

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Made by
Interior stylist: Carl Braganza
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
Artwork in first image: Vibeke Jerkaas @
Follow Anita on Instagram: @madebytonia