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Home visit: a compact home filled with collections

Carola’s home is a monochrome treasure trove for her and daughter Holly. Despite its compact size, it’s full of things they’ve collected and cleverly displayed. See how it’s done here…

A large dining table and wall of bookshelves.
A large dining table and wall of bookshelves.

Life in one room

In this compact home, the main room serves as a living room, dining room, office, bedroom and library. How do you fit big art into such a small space? With her large bookshelves providing all the storage on one wall, Carola can dedicate the whole of the opposite wall to a gallery of artwork.

From day to night

Instead of a traditional sofa, Carola chose two spring beds on wheels, positioned end-to-end during the day as a long seating area with lots of cushions. At night, she rolls the two beds next to each other to create her double bed. Holly has her own bedroom, but she often ends up sleeping in the big bed with her mum!

Upcycle everything

In the kitchen, Carola took out all of the existing storage and recycled the material to make her new kitchen worktop. Everything fits in with her monochrome scheme, from the metallic textures to her pinboard of black-and-white photos and clippings.

Open up your storage

One wall of the kitchen is dominated by floor-to-ceiling metal shelving, where you can find everything you might possibly need for any recipe. Carola has inherited, been given, found or made most of her tools and utensils.

Everyday displays

One wall of Holly’s bedroom is devoted to floor-to-ceiling shelving, with two glass-door cabinets that put her toys, games and books on show. Try the ALGOT shelving system – you can customise it to fit your room and your storage needs.

Big collections, small home

Carola has moved a lot during her life and lived in everything from grand apartments to tiny cottages. This small-space apartment is constantly changing – it’s an ongoing creative project. Carola’s motto for a home is simple: the world is full of materials just longing to belong somewhere, serve a purpose, and help make a home.

Three-room home for two

Carola and Holly live in the middle of the city, high up in an apartment building with views across the rooftops. Their home comprises a kitchen, one large room and Holly’s room. In the main room they have a large, wide table that takes up a lot of space. But that’s exactly what they wanted.

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Interior stylist: Katarina Grundströmer
Photographer: Stellan Herner
Writer: Stina Holmberg