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Home tour: a family home for more time together

Design your space to encourage togetherness and play. See how this family uses an open-plan layout, cosy textiles and colour to create a shareable space that suits all their needs.

A living room with L-shaped grey sofa and red wall, with a dining area in the background.
A living room with L-shaped grey sofa and red wall, with a dining area in the background.

Create a space to share

An open-plan layout means you’re never really apart, even when you’re all doing different things. Amélie lives with her partner Johann and their two boys, Leo and Noah. The ground floor of their home is one big open-plan room where they spend most of their time together. The L-shaped sofa and warm terracotta wall help to define a cosy living area at the front of the house.

Build your ideas around your desires and let your space evolve to meet your needs – it brings life and warmth to your home.


Encourage more play

Amélie has made play part of everyday life with a dedicated kids’ corner in the living room. “It’s important to play. The boys can play wherever they like. I just make it easy for them to tidy up after themselves with TROFAST storage.” The living room is also the best place for dancing. “We all love to dance like crazy, it’s our little ritual. Music is a big part of our lives.”

I listen to my children. Their needs and opinions are important to me and how I shape our home.


Use colour to create zones

A deep green wall helps to personalise Amélie’s white kitchen and divide the open-plan ground floor into different areas. “I’m a green addict, it’s my favourite colour,” says Amélie. “I’ve decorated my home with lots of green plants because I think it brings life to the rooms. I like taking cuttings of my favourite plants and giving them to friends and family as gifts.”

Design for kids

The boys’ bedrooms are centred around bright colours to create an energising space, with colourful furniture and textiles that match the striped wallpaper. Darker bedding makes the bed feel extra cosy. “It’s important that the boys can reach their toys and books easily,” says Amélie. “I chose TROFAST in here too, because it’s so practical and comes in lots of bright colours.”

Create a clever corner

Amélie adapted an awkward space in Noah’s bedroom to create a useful storage area that combines a low rail, custom shelving, hooks and boxes. “We used the space under the stairs for Noah to have his own open wardrobe,” says Amélie. He keeps his favourite toys in DRÖNA boxes underneath the rail, and the things he uses less often are stored away in the crates above.

I update my home for winter by adding extra blankets, cushions and lots of candles. I love cocooning.


My home philosophy

“Creating a cosy home for time together is so important to me,” says Amélie. “When we are home, we can rest and we are well. The size of the house doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it feels good. It’s about the warmth it gives off, the charm of the house and the people who live there and enjoy it. I feel good at home and I like my loved ones to feel good, too.”

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Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
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