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Secure it!

Creating safer homes together

We all want our homes to be a safe place. When we work together, we can reduce the risk of accidents.

We all want our homes to be a safe place. But in our homes, accidents can put children at risk. By working together, we can help prevent these accidents and make the home a safer place.

The best way to help prevent furniture tip over accidents is to secure furniture to the wall. IKEA urges customers to inspect their IKEA chests of drawers and dressers to ensure that they are securely anchored to the wall using the restraints provided in the packaging.

Should you need a replacement restraint kit to secure the IKEA furniture in your home, please visit your local IKEA store or you can call us on 800 IKEA to get more information.

Prevent furniture tip over accidents

  • Secure it! Furniture must be securely attached to the wall. Use the tip-over restraint provided with the product and the right hardware for your wall type. Consult our wall anchoring guide for help.
  • Never put a TV or other heavy objects on top of a chest of drawers or any furniture not intended for use with a TV.
  • Place heavy objects in the lowest drawers.
  • Never let children climb or hang on drawers, doors or shelves.

Secure it! wall anchoring guide

Furniture must be securely attached to the wall.

The hardware used to secure your furniture to the wall depends on your wall material. If your wall material is not listed or if you have any questions, consult with a local hardware retailer.

Wall material

Drywall or plaster with available wood stud

Anchoring device

Screw inserted directly into stud. For example, a 5 mm wood screw provided with IKEA FIXA plug and screw set

Wall material

Drywall without available wood stud

Anchoring device

Plug with screw. For example, an 8 mm plug provided with IKEA FIXA plug and screw set

Wall material


Anchoring device

Solid Wall: Plug with screw. For example, an 8 mm plug provided with IKEA FIXA plug and screw set

Hollow Wall: Toggle-style

We can all use a little less to worry about

Accidents can happen, especially when you have kids. But being prepared can stop the most serious accidents from happening.

Our home safety and child safety products are simple to install and use, and span every area of the home.

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We are aware of your concerns regarding the recall of the MALM chest of drawers that was issued in the US and Canada today, we'd like to answer you. Accidents related to furniture tipping are a serious home safety issue and a challenge for the extended home furnishing industry. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has noted accidents due to tip-over of TVs, appliances and furniture happen on a weekly basis. To create safe homes, IKEA always provides tip-over restraints with furniture that needs to be secured. Wall attachment is an integral part of the IKEA assembly instructions. We understand your concerns and would like to assure you that product safety is a top priority at IKEA. We have received no reports of a tip-over incident in UAE. Our drawers are safe when anchored to the wall per the assembly instructions, using the tip over restraint provided with the product. The recall is in North America only. There will be no recall in UAE or any other countries. We developed the Secure It! campaign to create awareness of the risk of furniture tip-overs. For more information on the campaign, please visit Any customer in need of a replacement restraint kit or assistance for the installation of the kit please visit the Customer Exchange & Refund Department in store or call us at 800-4532.